Dimensions of the Sustainable City

Edited by Mike Jenks, Colin Jones 
Springer  2010  

Hardcover  282 pp  ISBN 9781402086465      £103.00

Softcover  282 pp  ISBN 9781402086458      £45.00
The CityForm* consortium's latest book, Dimensions of the Sustainable City, is the first book to report on an empirical multi-disciplinary study specifically designed to address urban sustainability. Drawing together the various dimensions of sustainability - economic, social, transport, energy and ecological - the book examines their relationships both to each other and to urban form.

The book investigates the sustainability dimensions of cities through a series of projects based on a common list of elements of urban form, and which draw on the consortium's latest research to review the sustainability issues of each dimension. The elements of urban form include density, land use, location, accessibility, transport infrastructure and characteristics of the built environment. The book also addresses issues such as adapting cities, psychological and ecological benefits of green space and sustainable lifestyles, each presenting a critical review of the relevant literature followed by an empirical analysis presenting the key results.

Based on studies across five UK cities, the book draws out findings of relevance to sustainable cities worldwide. As well as an invaluable reference to researchers in sustainable planning and urban design, the book will provide a useful text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses and for policy makers dealing with these issues.

*The CityForm consortium is a multi-disciplinary group of researchers from five universities funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council from 2003-07.


  • Issues and concepts; M. Jenks, C. Jones.
  • Elements of urban form; M. Jenks et al.
  • Travel and mobility; N. Ferguson, L. Woods.
  • Environment and biodiversity; R.A. Fuller et al.
  • Social acceptability; G. Bramley et al.
  • Energy use; K. Baker et al.
  • Economic viability; C. Jones et al.
  • Adapting the city; H. Frey, S. Bagaeen.
  • Neighbourhood design and sustainable lifestyles; K. Williams et al.
  • Ecological and psychological values of urban green space; K.N. Irvine et al.
  • Complementarities and contradictions; C. Jones et al.
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