Biological Control of Rice Diseases

Samuel S. Gnanamanickam 
Springer  2009  

Hardcover  108 pp  ISBN 9789048124640      £117.00
This book on biological control of rice diseases deals with microorganisms and cultural practices as the non-chemical alternatives developed and used to manage devastating rice diseases such as blast, sheath blight, bacterial blight and rice tungro disease in Asia. The term, biological control has been used also to include transgenic rices which carry rice genes or others whose transient expression cause resistance to pathogens and reduce the use of chemicals. This is the first book that has been brought out to document the biological control research in rice and the application of biocontrol agents to rice. It has been developed to provide detailed accounts on the subject of biological control practised in rice over the last 30 years. However, the methodologies and merits apply to disease control in all other major crops and therefore, should be of significant interest to researchers and students of plant pathology, microbiology and crop science.


  • Rice and its importance to human life
  • Major diseases of rice
  • Overview of progress in biological control
  • Biological control of rice blast
  • Biological control of bacterial leaf blight of rice
  • Biological control of sheath blight of rice
  • Biological control of sheath-rot and other fungal diseases
  • Biological control of rice tungro disease

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