Plant Gum Exudates of the World, Sources, Distribution, Properties, and Applications

Amos Nussinovitch 
CRC Press  December 2009  

Hardcover  427 pp  ISBN 9781420052237      £119.00
Plant Gum Exudates of the World: Sources, Distributions, Properties, and Applications is the most extensive collection of plant gum exudates in print, containing information on both well-established exudates and newer ones. It not only introduces an array of exudates never before described or reviewed, but also classifies gums according to their botanical taxonomy. This readily accessible book also supplies color plates of exudates in their natural environment along with relevant botanical parts.

Each entry includes:

  • Botanical name
  • Common and vernacular gum names
  • Geographical distribution information
  • Appearance and color descriptions
  • Water solubility information
  • Chemical characteristics
  • Structural features
  • Physical and physicochemical properties
  • Commercial availability
  • Industrial and food applications
  • Synonyms of and uses for the producing tree or shrub


Role and Sources of Exudate Gums
Introduction Definitions Gum Yields Agricultural Issues Physical Properties of Gums Chemical Properties Commercial Assessments of Gums Industrial and Other Uses References

Physiological Aspects of Polysaccharide Formation in Plants
Introduction Stress Factors, Ethylene and Gummosis Borers and Gum Formation Gum Ducts Gummosis in Fruit Trees Induced Inoculation and Gum Yield References

Major Plant Exudates of the World
Introduction Gum Arabic and Other Acacia Gums Gum Tragacanth and Similar Gums Important Indian or Asiatic Gums and Their Botanical Sources Gums of the New World Miscellaneous Asiatic, African, and Australian Gums References

Minor Plant Exudates of the World
Introduction Adansonia Malvaceae (subfamily: Bombacoideae) Adenanthera Fabaceae (subfamily: Mimosoideae) Afzelia Fabaceae (subfamily: Caesalpinioideae) Albizia Fabaceae Anogeissus Combretaceae Atalaya Sapindaceae (subfamily: Sapindoideae) Balsamocitrus Rutaceae (subfamily: Aurantioideae) Bauhinia Fabaceae Julbernardia Fabaceae (subfamily: Caesalpinioideae) Bombax Malvaceae (subfamily: Bombacoideae) Borassus Arecaceae (subfamily: Coryphoideae) Bosistoa Rutaceae (subfamily: Toddalioideae) Brachystegia Fabaceae (subfamily: Caesalpinioideae) Burkea Fabaceae (subfamily: Caesalpinioideae) Capparis Capparaceae Careya Lecythidaceae (subfamily: Planchonioideae) Cassia Fabaceae (subfamily: Caesalpinioideae) Cedrela Meliaceae Ceiba Malvaceae (subfamily: Bombacoideae) Ceratopetalum Cunoniaceae Chukrasia Meliaceae Citrus Rutaceae Cocos Arecaceae (subfamily: Arecoideae) Cola Sterculiaceae Combretum Combretaceae Cordia Boraginaceae (subfamily: Cordioideae) Cordyla Fabaceae (subfamily: Faboideae) Corypha Arecaceae (subfamily: Coryphoideae) Crataeva Capparaceae Cussonia Araliaceae Cycas Cycadaceae Dichrostachys Fabaceae (subfamily: Mimosoideae) Echinocarpus Elaeocarpaceae Elaeocarpus Elaeocarpaceae Encephalartos Zamiaceae Entada Fabaceae (subfamily: Mimosoideae) Erythrophleum Fabaceae (subfamily: Caesalpinioideae) Flindersia Rutaceae Garuga Burseraceae Geijera Rutaceae Geodorum Orchidaceae Hakea Proteaceae Khaya Meliaceae Lagerstroemia Lythraceae Lannea Anacardiaceae Macrozamia Zamiaceae Melia Meliaceae Melicope Rutaceae Moringa Moringaceae Owenia Meliaceae Panax (Tieghemopanax) Araliaceae Saltera Penaeaceae Pentaceras Rutaceae Prunus Rosaceae Pseudocedrela Meliaceae Saccopetalum Annonaceae Sarcostemma Asclepiadaceae Schefflera Araliaceae Sclerocarya Anacardiaceae Semecarpus Anacardiaceae Sloanea Elaeocarpaceae Soymida Meliaceae Tamarindus Fabaceae (subfamily: Caesalpinioideae) Heritiera Malvaceae Terminalia Combretaceae Thevetia Apocynaceae Virgilia Fabaceae (subfamily: Faboideae)

Food Applications of Plant Exudates
Introduction Food Uses of Gum Exudates Gum Exudates in Animal Food Health-Related Aspects

Gum Exudates in Water-Based Adhesives
Introduction Gums as Adhesives Industrial Uses of Exudate Glues Biological Applications: A General Approach Hydrocolloid Adhesion Tests Exudates as Wet Glues Adhesion Mechanisms of Hydrogels

Medical, Cosmetic and Biotechnological Uses of Gum Exudates
Introduction Pharmacological Applications Folk Medicine Cosmetics and Other Products Biotechnological Applications

Analysis and Identification of Gum Exudates
Introduction Industrial Gums Group Analysis and Identification Schemes Additional Analytical Methods

Miscellaneous Uses of Plant Exudates
Introduction Paints, Pigments and Painting Inks Lithography Textiles Corrosion Inhibition Immersion Plating Drilling Fluids Oil-Well Cement Binders and Special Coatings Paper and E-Paper Explosives Ceramics Miscellaneous

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