Concepts in Cereal Chemistry

Finlay MacRitchie 
CRC Press  May 2010  

softcover  197 pp  ISBN 9781439835821      £45.00
Compact and reader friendly, this book explores methods for improving quality in breeding and the health benefits of food. Written by a distinguished researcher and teacher, the book emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of the field. While focusing mainly on the chemistry, the author brings in relevant theory from basic science such as physics and genetics. Exercises are included at the end of most chapters. Suggested solutions are given at the end of the book. The solutions to the exercises require thinking and, in some cases, searches of the literature. Demonstrations are included to illustrate principles.


  • Introduction.
  • Sciences Applicable to Milling.
  • Efficiency of Dry Milling.
  • Grain Hardness.
  • Structure and Properties of Dough.
  • Dough Rheology.
  • Aspects of Processing.
  • Shelf Life.
  • Solubility of Cereal Proteins.
  • Characterization of Cereal Proteins.
  • Composition- Functionality Relationships.
  • Strategies for Targeting Specific
  • End-Use Properties.
  • Nonwheat Cereals.
  • Health Aspects of Cereals.
  • The Scientific Method.
  • Index.
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