Functioning and Management of European Beech Ecosystems

Edited by Brumme, Rainer; Khanna, Partap K. 
Springer  2009  

Hardcover  499 pp  ISBN 9783642003394      £202.00
This volume compiles the results of long-term observations of site properties and ecosystem processes for three beech forests. Representing a spectrum of common beech forest sites in Central Europe, they receive similar atmospheric inputs and are growing under similar climatic conditions, but differ in their soil acidity. Significant differences were observed in the diversity and activities of fauna and microbes in these soils, which was the major driving variable for the nutrient cycling processes, growth patterns, greenhouse gas emissions and the C and N sequestration in these forests. Differences in N and C contents and cycling among the three beech sites represented three phases (quasi steady-state, accumulation and degradation) as described by ecosystem theory on the functioning and historical development of the N dynamic of other 50 European ecosystems.

Various implications for the future management of these and similar beech sites are discussed.


Introduction - R. Brumme and P.K. Khanna

Part A Description of Long-term Observation Sites

1 General Description of Study Sites - H. Meesenburg and R. Brumme

2 Climatic Condition at Three Beech Forest Sites in Central Germany - O. Panferov, H. Kreilein, H. Meesenburg, J. Eichhorn, and G. Gravenhorst

3 Soil Properties H. Meesenburg, R. Brumme, C. Jacobsen, K.J. Meiwes, and J. Eichhorn -

4 Changes in C and N Contents of Soils Under Beech Forests - over a Period of 35 Years K.J. Meiwes, H. Meesenburg, J. Eichhorn, C. Jacobsen, and P.K. Khanna

5 Vegetation W. Schmidt

6 Microbial Biomass - R. Brumme, M. Raubuch, J. Priess, C. P. Wang, and T.?H. Anderson

7 Soil Fauna - M. Schaefer and J. Schauermann

Part B Ecosystem Processes

8 Tree Growth, Biomass, and Elements in Tree Components of Three Beech Sites P. Rademacher, P.K. Khanna, J. Eichhorn, and M. Guericke

9 Fine Root Biomass, Turnover and Litter Production - D. Murach, A. Horn, W. Ke-Hong, and C. Rapp

10 Phytomass, Litter and Net Primary Production of Herbaceous Layer - I.-M. Schulze, A. Bolte, W. Schmidt, and J. Eichhorn

11 Biomass and Element Content of Foliage and Aboveground - Litterfall on the Three Long-Term Experimental Beech Sites: Dynamics and Significance P.K. Khanna, H. Fortmann, H. Meesenburg, J. Eichhorn, and K.J. Meiwes

12 The Role of Soil Fauna for Decomposition of Plant Residues - M. Schaefer, S. Migge-Kleian, and S. Scheu

13 Nitrogen and Carbon Transformations - R. Brumme, J. Priess, C.P. Wang, M. Raubuch, G. Steinmetz, and H. Meyer

14 Fate, Transport, and Retention of Applied - 15N Labelled Nitrogen in Forest Soils R. Brumme, C.P. Wang, J. Priess, M. Raubuch, and G. Steinmetz

15 Atmospheric Deposition and Canopy Interactions - H. Meesenburg, J. Eichhorn, and K.J. Meiwes

16 Changes in Soil Solution Chemistry, Seepage Losses, and Input-Output Budgets at Three Beech Forests in Response to Atmospheric Depositions - R. Brumme, H. Meesenburg, M. Bredemeier, C. Jacobsen, E. Scho€nfelder, K.J. Meiwes, and J. Eichhorn

17 Soil Respiration - R. Brumme, W. Borken, and J. Prenzel

18 N2O Emission from Temperate Beech Forest Soils - R. Brumme and W. Borken

19 Methane Uptake by Temperate Forest Soils - W. Borken and R. Brumme

Part C Forest Management and Regional Scale Issues Concerning - C and N

20 Microbial Biomass in Broad-Leaved Forest Soils - T.-H. Anderson

21 Soil Organic Carbon and Nitrogen in Forest Soils of Germany - R. Brumme, M. Egenolf, C. Aydin, J. Block, K.J. Meiwes, and K.v. Wilpert

22 Management Options for European Beech Forests in Relation to - Changes in C- and N-Status as Described by the Three Study Sites N. Bartsch and E. Ro€hrig

Part D Synthesis

23 Stand, Soil and Nutrient Factors Determining the Functioning - and Management of Beech Forest Ecosystems: A Synopsis - R. Brumme and P.K. Khanna


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