The Handbook of Plant Mutation Screening: Mining of Natural and Induced Alleles

Edited by Khalid Meksem, Guenter Kahl 
Wiley  January 2010  

Hardcover  460 pp  ISBN 9783527326044      £145.00
Induced mutagenesis is a common and promising method for screening for new crops with improved properties. This title introduces the different methods and then focuses on the screening, detection and analysis of the nove l mutations. Written by a global team of authors the book is an indispensable tool for all scientists working on crop breeding in industry and academia.



  • Physically induced mutagenesis: Ion beam mutagenesis (Magori, Tanaka, Kawaguchi)
  • Ds transposon mutant lines for saturation mutagenesis of the Arabidopsis genome (Kuromori, Hirayama)
  • Use of mutants from T-DNA insertion populations generated by high-throughput screening (Stracke, Huep, Weisshaar)
  • Making mutations is an active process: Examining DNA polymerase errors (Eckert, Gestl)
  • Tnt1 induced mutations in Medicago: Characterisation and Applications (Ratet, Cosson, Wen, Tadege, Mysore)


  • Sequencing by synthesis: Mutation detection with the Illumina Genome Analyzer (Lakdawalla, Schroth)
  • Chemical methods for mutation detection: The chemical cleavage of mismatch (CCM) method (Tabone, Sallmann, Cotton)
  • Mutation detection in plants by enzymatic mismatch cleavage (Till)
  • Mutation scanning and genotyping in plants by high resolution DNA melting (McKinney, Nay, Koeyer, Reed, Wall, Palais, Jarret, Wittwer)
  • In silico methods: Mutation detection software for Sanger sequencing, fragment and genome analysis (LeVan, Liu, Shouyong)


  • Use of TILLING for reverse and forward genetics of rice (Terauchi)
  • Sequencing-based high-throughput mutation screening using KeyPointTM technology (Rigola, van Eijk)


  • Natural and induced mutants of barley: SNPs in genes important for breeding (Thomas, Waugh, Forster, Franckowiak)
  • Association mapping for the exploration of genetic diversity and identification of useful loci for plant breeding (Belo, Luck)
  • Using mutations in corn breeding programs (Scott, Bodnar)
  • Gene targeting as a precise tool for plant mutagenesis (Zobell, Reiss)


  • Direct single-molecule DNA sequencing:Helicos BioSciences technology and applications (Jenkins, Kahvejian)
  • Mutation detection by genome sequencing with universal probes (Linnarsson)
  • Emerging Technologies: Detection of mutations with the Pinpoint Sequencer (Ju)
  • Emerging Technologies: Nanopore Sequencing for Mutation Detection (Rollings, Li)


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