Maize Cobs and Cultures: History of Zea mays L.

J Staller 
Springer  2010  

Hardcover  262 pp  ISBN 9783642045059      £117.00
Our perceptions and conceptions regarding the roles and importance of maize to ancient economies is largely a product of scientific research on the plant itself, developed for the most part out of botanical research, and its recent role as one of the most important economic staples in the world. Anthropological research in the early part of the last century based largely upon the historical particularistic approach of the Boasian tradition provided the first evidence that challenged the assumptions about the economic importance of maize to sociocultural developments for scholars of prehistory. Subsequent ethnobotanic and archaeological studies showed that the role of maize among Native American cultures was much more complex than just as a food staple.

In Maize Cobs and Cultures, John Staller provides a survey of the ethnohistory and the scientific, botanical and biological research of maize, complemented by reviews on the ethnobotanic, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary methodologies.


1 An Introduction to Maize Cobs and Cultures

2 Ethnohistory: Impressions and Perceptions of Maize 2.1 Ethnohistoric and Ethnographic Perceptions of Maize 2.2 Using Sixteenth Century Accounts 2.3 Central America and Mexico 2.4 First Impressions of Andean Civilization 2.5 Maize and Ancient Religion 2.6 Maize Ethnohistory: Summary and Conclusions

3 Scientific, Botanical, and Biological Research on Maize 3.1 Introduction on a History of Science on Maize 3.2 Archaeological, Botanical, and Biological Research on Maize Origins 3.3 Maize: Morphological, Biological, Genetic, and Taxonomic Approaches

4 Ethnobotanic, Interdisciplinary, and Multidisciplinary Methodologies 4.1 Methodological and Technological Breakthroughs 4.2 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Domestication, Agriculture and Adaptation 4.3 Ethnobotanical Approaches to Early Agriculture and Biogeography 4.4 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Maize Biogeography


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