Materials and the environment

Michael Ashby 
Butterworth Heinemann  February 2009  

Paperback  400 pp  ISBN 9781856176088      £44.00
Aimed at Students of Engineering, Materials Science and Industrial/Product Design; Materials & Industrial Engineers; Product Designers.


  • Introduction - Material Dependence
  • Resource Consumption and its Drivers
  • The Material Life Cycle
  • End of First Life - A Problem or a Resource?
  • The Long Reach of Legislation
  • Eco-data - Values, Sources, Precision
  • Eco-audits and Eco-audit Tools
  • Selection Strategies
  • Eco-informed Material Selection
  • Sustainability - Living on Renewables
  • The Bigger Picture - Future Options
  • Data Sheets - Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Composites, Natural Materials

Appendix - Units, Conversion factors, etc.
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