Sustainable Solar Housing - Vol 1 Strategies and Solutions; Vol 2 Exemplary Buildings and Technologies

Edited by S. Robert Hastings and Maria Wall 
Earthscan  September 2009  

Hardcover - set  Two vol set  ISBN 9781844073276      £130.00

Harcover vol 1  320 pp  ISBN 9781844073252      £80.00

Hardcover vol 2  299 pp  ISBN 9781844073269      £80.00
These books are also available in softcover
This far-reaching and authoritative two-volume set examines a range of potential solutions for low-energy building design, considering different strategies (energy conservation and renewable energy) and technologies (relating to the building envelope, ventilation, heat delivery, heat production, heat storage, electricity and control). Energy and life-cycle impacts are considered as crucial factors, including passive and active solar use, daylighting and high efficiency conventional heat production. Each volume assesses the potential of these options in a variety of contexts, covering different housing types (apartment, row and detached) in cold, temperate and mild climates. The impressive list of expert authors from 14 countries includes a mix of internationally respected academics and practitioners, working together within the framework of a five-year International Energy Agency (IEA) research project.

Volume 1 presents strategies and solutions, offering the reader a solid basis for developing concepts, considering environmental and economic concerns for housing projects in a variety of contexts.

Volume 2 offers a detailed analysis of exemplary buildings in different European countries and examines the various technologies employed to achieve their remarkable performance. Aided by clear, full colour illustrations, it offers invaluable insights into the application of these technologies.


Volume 1


Part I: Strategies

  • Introduction
  • Energy
  • Ecology
  • Economics of High-Performance Houses
  • Multi-Criteria Decisions
  • Marketing Sustainable Housing

Part II: Solutions

  • Solution Examples
  • Cold Climates
  • Temperate Climates
  • Mild Climates

Volume 2


Part I: Exemplary Buildings

  • Overview
  • The Lindas Passive House Project in Goteborg, Sweden
  • Gelsenkirchen Solar Housing Estate, Germany
  • Sunny Woods Apartment Building, Zurich
  • Wechsel Apartment Building, Stans, Switzerland
  • Vienna Utendorfgasse Passivhaus Apartment Building
  • Plus Energy House, Thening, Austria

Part II: Technologies

  • Introduction
  • Building Envelope
  • Ventilation
  • Heat Delivery
  • Heat Production
  • Sensible Heat Storage
  • Electricity
  • Building Information Systems
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