Conifer Reproductive Biology

C G Williams 
Springer  2009  

Hardcover  172 pp  ISBN 9781402096013      £49.00
This compendium on conifer reproductive biology is intended as a text supplement for plant biology courses. Such a volume seems timely because knowledge of model flowering plants is expanding so fast that each new plant biology text has less written on conifers than the last. The book meets the need for a specialized botany reference for life science professionals, graduate students and advanced undergraduates. Its content was chosen for its relevance to those working in life sciences: ecology, evolution, genomics, environmental sciences, genetics, forestry, conservation and even immunology. Its content has also been shaped by a trend towards the integrative study of conifer reproduction.

Written for: Forestry and plant biology research/graduate teaching in Europe, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ as well as the USA as a reference, supplementary text and graduate course book for specialized courses in gymnosperm biology, ecology and evolution



Section I. Conifer Reproductive Biology Overview.

  • Introducing Conifers.
  • The Diplohaplontic Life Cycle.

Section II. Consequences of Heterospory.

  • Separate Female and Male Meioses.
  • The Female Gametophyte Inside in the Ovule.
  • The Male Gametophyte Enclosed in a Pollen Wall.
  • Synchrony: Pollination and Fertilization.
  • Syngamy, Embryo Development and Seed Dispersal.

Section III. Mating System Dynamics: Form and Chance.

  • The Dynamic Wind-Pollinated Mating System.
  • The Embryo Lethal System

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