Ecosystem Geography From Ecoregions to Sites (2nd edition)

Robert G Bailey 
Springer  2010  

Softcover  243 pp  ISBN 9781441903914      £36.00

Hardcover  243 pp  ISBN 9780387895154      £89.00
The first edition of this book, Ecosystem Geography, examined the distribution of ecosystems at different scales, and the processes that have differentiated them. It presented the principles for ecosystems mapping and explored the connections between ecosystem geography, conservation, and management. The first edition of this book was written in 1996, at a time when few published materials on ecosystem geography were available, and none had systematically elaborated the principles underlying the mapping of ecosystems in a form accessible to advanced students and practitioners. This second edition builds on the strengths of its predecessor, incorporating new information and clarifying concepts presented in the first edition.

New sections address how ecoregion boundaries were determined, ecoregion redistribution under climate change, ecosystem processes (such as fire regimes), empirical versus genetic approaches to classification, and human modification to ecosystems, such as through the introduction of invasive species.

Written for: Land managers, graduate students in ecology, landscape architecture, geography and regional planning



  • Introduction
  • Scale of Ecosystem Units
  • The Question of Boundary Criteria
  • Role of Climate in Ecosystem Differentiation
  • Macroscale: Macroclimatic Differentiation
  • Ecoclimatic Zones of the Earth
  • Ecoregions of the United States
  • Mesoscale: Landform Differentiation
  • Microscale: Edaphic-Topoclimatic Differentiation
  • Applications of Ecosystem Geography
  • Summary and Conclusions

Appendix Ecoregions of the Oceans
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