Compendium of Beet Diseases and Pests, Second Edition

Edited by Robert M. Harveson, Linda E. Hanson, and Gary L. Hein 
APS Press  June 2009  

Softcover  Book 140 pp  ISBN 9780890543658      £71.00

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  • More Images for Accurate Diagnostics! A significantly increased number of images of damage due to diseases, insects, herbicides, and other abiotic disorders which enables growers, consultants, and extension specialists to more readily identify problems affecting their crops.
  • Easy Identification - Diagnosticians can differentiate among fungal pathogens faster with images depicting hyphal and spore characteristics.
  • Additional Coverage - Information on other beet types (chard, fodder, and table beets) will help vegetable horticulturists with production problems for this group of crops.
  • Emerging Issues Section - Timely descriptions of emerging issues will educate workers on new, potentially damaging problems.
  • New Historical Introduction - A new introduction is included containing brief histories of beet production, botany, and breeding for diseases and insects.

Compendium of Beet Diseases and Pests, Second Edition is a complete revision of the first edition and is updated and expanded to provide current and relevant beet (Beta vulgaris L.) production problems in one comprehensive volume. This revision was authored by 28 scientists affiliated with 14 different institutions or organizations, and contains nearly 400 images throughout, approximately 80% of which are new to this volume.

This second edition has been significantly expanded and is organized into several major sections, including a new introduction with brief histories of beet production, botany, and breeding. The remainder of the book is divided into 5 major parts: biotic disorders, abiotic disorders, postharvest deterioration of sugar beet, major insect and arthropod pests, and newly emerging issues. The description of each disease includes a general account of its importance and world distribution, symptoms, causal organism or agent, disease cycle and epidemiology, management, and selected references.

This volume includes significantly updated and timely information concerning rhizomania and several other new soilborne viral diseases transmitted by Polymyxa betae. It also includes several emerging production issues of potential concern including development of fungicide resistant strains of Cercospora betae, root disease complexes, and new diseases such as black beet scorch and non-traditional Fusarium-associated problems. Special emphasis was placed on increasing the number of images of plant injury symptoms due to herbicides, nutritional deficiencies, and pathogens and insects along with their distinguishing characteristics.

These publications will be useful to field workers, diagnosticians, plant pathologists, extension specialists, agronomists, entomologists, vegetable horticulturists, and master gardeners. Although emphasizing sugar beets, the information will also pertain to problems associated with other forms of beets, including fodder and table (red) beet, and Swiss chard. An extended effort was made to include images and descriptions of production issues affecting these crops as well.

The new Beet Diseases and Pests Image CD is a companion to the Compendium of Beet Diseases and Pests, . This CD is a part of the image collection series and contains all 289 color images and 10 black and white images from the compendium. Use these high quality images in presentations and lecture handouts to provide clear examples of diseases, pests, and disorders affecting beets.

Easily browse through images categorized by causal agent. Simply save images to your desktop and then paste into your presentation. Captions are included with images as well as in a separate text file for easy insertion into presentations and documents.

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