Bubbles in Food 2: Novelty, Health and Luxury

Edited by Grant M. Campbell, Martin G. Scanlon, and D. Leo Pyle 
AACC  November 2008  

Hardcover  464 pp  ISBN 9781891127595      £160.00
This new volume aims to enhance the appreciation of aerated foods and to provide stimulation and cross fertilisation of ideas for the exploitation of bubbles as a novel and versatile food ingredient. It includes 39 chapters that cover:

  • Novel processing ideas
  • Methods for the detection and quantification of bubbles in various foods
  • The effects of bubbles on sensory and textural qualities of foods
  • Mathematical modelling of bubble behavior
  • Studies on specific food products or processing operations
  • Historical surveys highlighting the factors contributing to the creation of aerated food products

Bubbles give novelty and distinctiveness to many food and drink products including the most important and interesting ones such as bread, beer, ice cream, whipped cream, soufflés and champagne. Understanding the creation and control of bubbles in food products is key to the success of the domestic chef or the industrial food manufacturer. This new volume presents the proceedings of the conference Bubbles in Food 2: Novelty, Health and Luxury.

This book is fully updated and expanded from the original Bubbles in Food book published in 1999. This new title brings together up-to-date information on the latest developments in this fast moving area. It includes novel experimental techniques for measuring and quantifying the aerated structure of foods (e.g. ultrasonics, MRI imaging, X-ray tomography, microscopy, rheology, image analysis), and novel analytical approaches for interpreting aerated food properties and behavior. These techniques and approaches provide stimulus for new product development or for enhancing the understanding of the manufacture of existing products, leading to enhanced quality and greater product differentiation.

The book aims to enhance the appreciation of aerated foods and to provide stimulation and cross fertilisation of ideas for the exploitation of bubbles as a novel and versatile food ingredient.


Chapter 1: A History of Aerated Foods, Grant M Campbell

Novel Processing

Chapter 2: A History of Aerated Chocolate Stephen T Beckett

Chapter 3: Study of the Dynamics and Size Distributions of Air Bubbles During Mixing in a Continuous Food Mixer Kiran VG Vyakaranam and Jozef L Kokini

Chapter 4: Pore Generation in Food Materials by Application of Microwave Energy Under Sub-atmospheric Pressure Tim Durance, Mareike Ressing, and Henning Ressing

Bubble Detection and Quantification

Chapter 5: Investigating the Bubble Size Distribution in Dough Using Ultrasound Valentin Leroy, Yuanzhong Fan, A.L. Strybulevych, G.G. Bellido, J.H. Page, and M.G. Scanlon

Chapter 6: Quantifying the Morphology of Bread Crusts R. Hans Tromp, Cristina Primo-Martín, Rick van de Zedde, and Nicole Koenderink

Chapter 7: Fractal and Image Analysis of Mexican Sweet Bread Bubble Distribution; Influence of Fermentation and Mixing Time, G. Calderón-Domínguez, J. Chanona-Pérez, A. L. Ramos-Cruz, A. I. López-Lara, A. D. Tlapale-Valdivia and G. F. Gutiérrez-López

Chapter 8: Quantification of the Structural Changes in Foams Stabilized by Proteins via Image Analysis Juan C. Germain and José M. Aguilera

Chapter 9: Crumb Features Quantification by Cryo-Scanning Electron Microscopy Images Ursula Gonzales Barron and Francis Butler

Chapter 10: An Acoustic Sensor to Measure Bubbles in Food Foams to Monitor Production Penny Probert Smith

Chapter 11: Structural Image Analysis of Food Foams and Aerated Food Products Juan C. Germain and José M. Aguilera

Bubble Stability

Chapter 12: Drainage and Coarsening Effects on the Time-Dependent Rheology of Whole Egg and Egg White Foams and Batters J. E. Spencer, M. G. Scanlon, and J. H. Page

Chapter 13: Influence of pH on the Molecular Structure and Bubble Stabilising Properties of Bovine a-Lactalbumin Chunli Gao, Ramani Wijesinha-Bettoni, Alan Mackie, John Jenkins, Lorna Smith, Clare Mills, and Peter Wilde

Chapter 14: Permeability of Bubbles Stabilized by Proteins Juan C. Germain, José M. Aguilera, Hugo Gloria-Hernández, and Guy Mayor

Chapter 15: Bubbles Rising in Line: Champagne, Lager, Cider J. F. Harper

Chapter 16: Formation and Stability of Milk Foams Susana Silva, Ana Espiga, K. Niranjan, Simon Livings, Jean-Claude Gumy, and Alexander Sher

Sensory, Textural and Rheological Effects of Bubbles in Food

Chapter 17: Characterization and Prediction of the Fracture Response of Solid Food Foams Hulya Dogan, Pedro A. Romero, Shanfu Zheng, Alberto M. Cuitino, and Jozef L. Kokini

Chapter 18: Effect of the Rheology of the Continuous Phase on Foaming Process: Viscosity-Temperature Impact S. Mezdour, C. Balerin, P. Aymard, G. Cuvelier, and F. Ducept

Chapter 19: Foaming Kinetics Study of Molten Potato Starch Using a Cambridge Multi-Pass Rheometer (MPR) N. C. Nowjee and M. R. Mackley

Breadmaking: A Series of Aeration Operations

Chapter 20: Mixing Bread Doughs Under Highly Soluble Gas Atmospheres and the Effect on Bread Crumb Texture: Experimental Results and Theoretical Interpretation P.J. Martin, A. Tassell, R Wiktorowicz, C.J. Morrant, and G.M. Campbell

Chapter 21: Degassing of Dough Pieces During Sheeting Susanna S.J. Leong and Grant M. Campbell

Chapter 22: Using Ultrasound to Probe Nucleation and Growth of Bubbles in Bread Dough and to Examine the Resulting Cellular Structure of Bread Crumb Martin G. Scanlon, Hussein M. Elmehdi, Valentin Leroy and John H. Page

Chapter 23: Impact of Freezing Rate of Bread Dough on Dough Expansion During Fermentation. Use of MRI to Assess Local Porosity Alain Le-Bail, Alexandre Grenier, Murielle Hayert, Armel Davenel and Tiphaine Lucas

Chapter 24: Role of the Crust Formation on Local Expansion During Bread Baking M. Wagner, L. Zhang, S. Quellec, C. Doursat, D. Flick, G. Trystram, and T. Lucas

Chapter 25: Coupled Heat and Mass Transfers in a Solid Foam with Water Phase Transitions: Application to a Model Foam and Bread Jean-Yves Monteau, Nasser Hamdami, Vanessa Jury and Alain Le-Bail

Chapter 26: In situ Fast X-Ray Tomography Study of the Evolution of Cellular Structure in Bread Dough During Proving and Baking P. Babin, G. Della Valle, H. Chiron, P. Cloetens, J. Hoszowska, P. Pernot, A.L. Réguerre, L. Salvo, and R. Dendievel

Chapter 27: X-Ray Tomography of Structure Formation in Bread and Cakes During Baking Martin Whitworth

Chapter 28: CO2 Release During Baking as a Response Parameter for Monitoring the Bubble Opening L. Zhang, T. Lucas, C. Doursat, D. Flick, and D. Le Ray

Chapter 29: Mechanism of Gas Cell Stability in Breadmaking Baninder S. Sroan and Finlay MacRitchie

Chapter 30: Bubbles in Bread: Is the Answer in the Genes? Gülay Mann, Simon Diffey, Lynette Rampling, Zena Nath, Ibrahim Kutty, P. Emmett Leyne, F. Azanza, Ken J. Quail, Alison Smith, Brian Cullis and Matthew K. Morell

Bubble Behaviour in High-Fibre Breads

Chapter 31: The Influence of Dietary Fibres on Bubble Development During Bread Making S. Cavella, A. Romano, T. Giancone and P. Masi

Chapter 32: Expansion Capacity of Bran-Enriched Doughs in Different Scales of Laboratory Mixers Grant M. Campbell, Marcela Ross and Lidia Motoi

Chapter 33: Bran in Bread: Effects of Particle Size and Level of Wheat and Oat Bran on Mixing, Proving and Baking Grant M. Campbell, Marcela Ross and Lidia Motoi

Chapter 34: Effect of Wheat Bran Particle Size on Aeration of Bread Dough During Mixing Grant M. Campbell, Kim Choy Koh, Yee Man Keung and Marco P. Morgenstern

Other Cereal-Based Goods

Chapter 35: Structural Basis and Process Requirements for Corn-Based Products Crispness L. Chaunier, H. Chanvrier, P. Courcoux, G. Della Valle, and D. Lourdin

Chapter 36: A Knowledge Base on Cereal Food Foams Processing and Behaviour C. Raboutet, Ch. Fernandez, B. LeBlanc, G. Della Valle and A. Ndiaye

Chapter 37: Aeration of Biscuit Doughs During Mixing K. Brijwani, G.M. Campbell and L. Cicerelli

Chapter 38: Mathematical Modelling of Crumpet Formation Peter Sadd

Chapter 39: A History of Pizza David Ovadia

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