Fiber Ingredients: Food Applications and Health Benefits

Edited by Susan Sungsoo Cho and Priscilla Samuel 
CRC Press  June 2009  

Hardback  480 pp  ISBN 9781420043846      £102.00
  • Provides a rigorous examination of health claims and potential health claims, recent research, and contradictory data
  • Includes coverage of fiber for weight and glycemic control as well as digestive health
  • Discusses how food producers can find fiber sources and include fiber in their products
  • Describes sources of soluble fiber, resistant starches, and conventional fibers
  • Explores dietary fibers, their diverse components, and their physicochemical characteristics

Fiber is recognized as a shortfall nutrient in many developed countries, and more than 90 percent of the American population does not get enough. It falls on food product developers to formulate attractive high-fiber foods and health professionals to recommend these high-fiber foods to improve the American diet and therefore overall public health. Fiber Ingredients: Food Applications and Health Benefits provides the latest scientific evidence on available fiber sources to help the food industry develop new food products with improved health benefits.

This book discusses new sources of fiber, such as bamboo, cottonseed, and fibers from fruits and vegetables, and also reviews patent activities. With so many new fiber ingredients now available, the time is ripe for a resource explaining their characteristics, functionality, and health benefits. Critically examining current research and future directions, this resource blends coverage of the latest scientific information on the health benefits of fiber with information on how to formulate foods with high concentrations of this vital nutrient.


About the Editors

Functional and Dietary Fibers: An Introduction

Section 1: Soluble Fibers
Alpha-cyclodextrin NUTRIOSE Soluble Fiber Inulin Fibersol-2 Resistant Maltodextrin: Functional Dietary Fiber Ingredient Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum Dietary Fiber Acaci Gum Pectin Polydextrose

Section 2: Resistant Starch
Resistant Starch (RS)

Section 3: Conventional Fibers
Oat Fiber from Oat Hull Cellulose Oat -Glucan Rice Bran: Production, Composition, Functionality and Food Application, Physiological Benefits Barley Fiber Sugar Beet Fiber: Production, Characteristics, Food Applications, and Physiological Benefit Psyllium

Section 4: New Development
Fruit Fiber Aleurone Flour: A Novel Wheat Ingredient Rich in Fermentable Fiber, Micronutrients, and Bioavailable Folate

Appendix: Suppliers of Dietary Fiber Ingredients

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