Compendium of Hop Diseases and Pests

Edited by Walter Mahaffee, Sarah Pethybridge, and David H. Gent 
APS Press  2009  

Book and CD-ROM  ISBN 9780890543764/cb      £120.00

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CD-ROM  ISBN 9780890543764/c      £70.00
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  • Visually identify your problems that affect hop plants or cones with 147 color photographs of diseases, pests, and other disorders.
  • Coverage on most diseases and pests affecting hop throughout the world which is helpful when analyzing a new disease introduced to a specific region
  • A useful broad reference for home brewers particularly those interested growing their own hop. This compendium contains sections on hop taxonomy, chemistry, and production with an extensive listing of hop cultivars and their characters.
  • Identify growth abnormalities that are not caused by plant pathogens or insects with expert descriptions and color photographs of symptoms of nutrient disorders and plant injury.

Compendium of Hop Diseases and Pests is a comprehensive and authoritative account of diseases and pests of hop as well as numerous other disorders and injuries that impact this valuable specialty crop. This compendium is a practical reference for anyone interested in healthy, high-quality hop, which in addition to brewing, is showing promise for use in sugar processing and as a preservative in ethanol production and for its potential use as an antimicrobial additive in animal feed.

More than 140 color images are presented with expert scientifically peer-reviewed descriptions of the identifying characteristics of disease and pest symptoms and their causal agents. This book also provides an overview of the taxonomy and botanical traits of the genus Humulus. It provides insight into cone uses and chemistry, methods for hop production, and an extensive list of hop cultivars and their characteristics. The description of each disease or pest includes a general account of its importance and world distribution, symptoms, causal organism or agent, disease cycle and epidemiology, management, and selected references. The references document the descriptions and provide resources for additional information.

Compendium of Hop Diseases and Pests assists in the diagnosis of hop diseases and pests in the field, laboratory, or diagnostic clinic and provides recommendations for management of hop diseases and pests. This compendium will be useful to plant pathologists, entomologists, nematologists, crop production specialists, growers, diagnostic clinicians, students, regulatory agents, crop consultants, agribusiness representatives, educators, researchers, and others interested in the recognition or management of hop diseases and pests throughout the world.


PART I: Introduction
The Genus Humulus Cone Uses and Chemistry Hop Production Hop Cultivars and Breeding

PART II: Infectious/Biotic Diseases

  • Diseases Caused by Fungi and Oomycetes
    Alternaria Cone Disorder Armillaria Root Rot Ascochyta Leaf Spot Black Root Rot Cone Tip Blight Downy Mildew Fusarium Canker Gray Mold Powdery Mildew Red Crown Rot Septoria Leaf Spot Sclerotinia Wilt Sooty Mold Verticillium Wilt Fungal Diseases and Pathogens of Minor Importance
  • Diseases Caused by Viruses and Viroids
    Apple fruit crinkle viroid Apple mosaic virus Arabis mosaic virus Carlaviruses (Hop mosaic, Hop latent, and American hop latent viruses) Humulus japonicus latent virus Hop latent viroid Hop stunt viroid Viruses of Minor Importance
  • Diseases Caused by Nematodes
    Hop Cyst Nematode Other Nematodes Associated With Hop
  • Diseases Caused by Bacteria and Phytoplasma
    Crinkle Disease Crown Gall Hop Shoot Proliferation (Phytoplasma) Bacterial Diseases of Minor Importance

PART III: Arthropod Pests
California Prionus Beetle Damson-Hop Aphid Garden Symphylan Hop Flea-Beetle Hop Looper and Other Lepidoptera Root Weevils Rosy Rustic Moth Two-Spotted Spider Mite Insect Pests of Minor Importance

PART IV: Post-Harvest Disorders and Diseases
Cone Early Maturity

PART V: Non-Infectious Abiotic Disorders
Nutrient Imbalances Environmental Stress Chemical Injury Heptachlor Wilt


The new Hop Diseases and Pests Image CD is a companion to the Compendium of Hop Diseases and Pests. This CD is a part of the image collection series and contains all 147 color images and 6 black and white images from the compendium. Use these high quality images in presentations and lecture handouts to provide clear examples of diseases, pests, and disorders affecting hops.

Easily browse through images categorized by causal agent. Simply save images to your desktop and then paste into your presentation. Captions are included with images as well as in a separate text file for easy insertion into presentations and documents. Detailed diagnostic information on diseases and disorders can be found in the Compendium of Hop Diseases and Pests along with step-by-step treatment methods.

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