Virus Diseases of Plants on CD

Edited by O.W. Barnett and John L. Sherwood 
APS Press  2009  

CD-ROM set of 2 - single use  ISBN ref 43702KIT      £220.00

CD-ROM set of 2 - multi use  ISBN ref 43702KITM      £335.00

Image CD-ROM  ISBN 9788890543702      £128.00

Disease CD-ROM  ISBN 9780890543712      £128.00
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  • Color images of virus disease symptoms with descriptions - A unique image collection of virus symptoms of grapevine, potato, and wheat that would be nearly impossible for an individual to collect and catalog. Each image provides a caption that includes a description of the picture, host, virus or agent name, disease name, and contributor.
  • Grapevine, potato, and wheat images are supported by extensive written texts and audiovisual presentations - The written components are integrated with the images and describe not only the disease symptoms but also disease impact and distribution, virus identification and epidemiology, and virus and vector management. The wheat set is new while the grapevine and potato sets are significantly revised with extensive new text, and images. The text is printable and has thumbnail images incorporated into it where each image is mentioned. Thumbnail images in the text can be expanded to full screen for better views of the symptom details. An extensive list of literature citations is included.
  • Many different types of virus symptoms are included - This comprehensive collection allows scientists, educators, students and agriculturalists to review many different symptom types caused by viruses or to review specific symptom types. A number of symptoms not caused by viruses are included for comparison.
  • Images are searchable by various key words and can be exported into unique collections for specific uses - The images are searchable by key words such as virus name or family, symptom type, vector, common and scientific name of host, and many other terms. Allows use in custom presentations and teaching handouts. Publication on a CD allows high quality image resolution with maximum search capability.

Virus Diseases of Plants on CD consists of two CD-ROMs (compatible with PC only). The first is an Image Database Collection while the second covers Grapevine, Potato, and Wheat diseases providing both an Image Collection and a Teaching Resource. The may be bought as a set for either personal use, or for 'multi-user'.

Identifying symptoms on plants are often the first indication that they are affected by a virus disease. This 2-CD set provides an international collection of color images of virus symptoms and other associated images that emphasize virus disease symptoms and information on identification, epidemiology, losses, and control. Virus symptoms are specifically emphasized and much of the information on field identification is not available in other sources. Most of the information on plant resistance is not easily available as well, especially across several viruses affecting a single plant.

Virus Diseases of Plants is a unique compilation that will be invaluable to educators, scientists, students, growers, and other agribusiness personnel.

The Image Database Collection CD contains 1,218 images of symptoms, vectors, viruses, viroids, and also diseases that might be confused with viruses, across a broad range of more than 120 host plants. Each image contains information about the current scientific classification of the virus based on the 8th Report of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. Names of viruses from images in older APS Compendia have been updated and the newest literature information has been incorporated. Scientists currently working on the crop viruses have written the captions for the images and assisted in editing the compilation.

The second CD described as Virus Diseases of Plants: Grapevine, Potato, and Wheat Image Collection and Teaching Resource CD contains an image collection of virus diseases of grapevine, potato, and wheat, plus teaching resources on these crops. More than 430 images are integrated with information about the disease symptoms, epidemiology, causal virus(es), diagnosis, and management. An audiovisual component for each set contains audio narration synchronized with slide shows of all the images. These shows, about forty minutes long each, are designed for classroom presentation or for individual study. The images on both CDs are searchable by virus, virus genus or family, plant, symptom, vector, or other words in the captions. The caption for each image contains the symptom description, disease name, virus name, host plant, and image contributor. The images may be easily exported for use in custom presentations and slide shows.

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