The Mango: Botany, Production and Uses (2nd Edition)

Edited by R E Litz 
CABI  April 2009  

Hardback  680 pp  ISBN 9781845934897      £135.00
This is a timely new edition of The Mango, first published in 1997. The last decade has seen a rapid growth of mango production mainly due to expansion into new growing regions, but also due to the adoption of modern field practices including irrigation management and pest control. Fresh Mangoes are now consumed worldwide and are available all year round. This book provides a comprehensive verview of all aspects of mango research from the basics to their applications and will be highly relevant for researchers and growers alike.

Readership: This book will be of interest to those working in horticulture, agronomy and botany with a particular focus on mangos.


  • Botany and Importance S K Mukherjee (deceased) and R E Litz
  • Taxonomy and Systematics J M Bompard
  • Important Mango Cultivars and Their Descriptors R J Knight, Jr., R J Campbell and I Maguire
  • Breeding and Genetics C P A. Iyer and R J Schnell
  • Reproductive Physiology T L Davenport
  • Ecophysiology B Schaffer, L Urban, P Lu and A W Whiley
  • Fruit Diseases D Prusky , I Kobiler, I Miyara and N Alkan
  • Foliar, Floral and Soilborne Diseases R C Ploetz and S Freeman
  • Physiological Disorders V Galan Sauco
  • Pests J E Peña, M Aluja and M Wysoki
  • Crop Production: Propagation S Ram (deceased) and R E Litz
  • Crop Production: Mineral Nutrition I S E Bally
  • Crop Production: Management J H Crane, S Salazar-García, T-S Lin, A C de Queiroz Pinto and Z-H Shü
  • Postharvest Physiology J K Brecht and E M Yahia
  • Postharvest Technology and Quarantine Treatments G I Johnson and P J Hofman
  • World Mango Trade and the Economics of Mango Production E A Evans and O J Mendoza
  • Fruit Processing L C Raymundo, M T Ombico and T M de Villa 18. Biotechnology R E Litz, M A Gomez Lim and U Lavi
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