Intellectual Property Rights and Food Security

M Blakeney 
CABI  May 2009  

Hardback  266 pp  ISBN 9781845935603      £85.00
Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) play an important role in the struggle for food security and encouraging agricultural research and development. This book examines these roles as well as the international relationship between IPRs, agricultural biotechnology, access to biological resources, food security and globalisation, paying particular attention to proposals for the protection of Farmers' Rights, traditional knowledge, GM crops and the impact of competition laws. It proposes a number of recommendations for action in deploying IPRs in order to reach greater food security globally.

Readership: Researchers and students of agriculture, economics and plant sciences.


  • Intellectual Property and Food Security - Policy Issues
  • Intellectual Property and Agriculture
  • International Intellectual Property Landscape
  • Plant Variety Protection and Food Security
  • Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
  • Traditional Agricultural Knowledge and Farmers Rights
  • Intellectual Property Aspects of GMOs and Food Security
  • Geographical Indications and Food Security
  • Competition Aspects
  • Intellectual Property and Agricultural Research
  • Recommendations
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