Plant Cold Hardiness : From the Laboratory to the Field

Edited by L V Gusta, M E Wisniewski and K K Tanino 
CABI  July 2009  

Hardback  336 pp  ISBN 9781845935139      £85.00
Presenting the latest research on the effects of cold and sub-zero temperatures on plant distribution, growth and yield, this comprehensive volume contains 28 chapters by international experts covering basic molecular science to broad ecological studies on the impact of global warming, and an industry perspective on transgenic approaches to abiotic stress tolerance. With a focus on integrating molecular studies in the laboratory with field research and physiological studies of whole plants in their natural environments, this book covers plant physiology, production, development, agronomy, ecology, breeding and genetics, and their applications in agriculture and horticulture.

Readership: Researchers and students of plant and environmental sciences.


  • Section One The Freezing Process
  • Section Two Molecular Basis for the Acquisition of Freezing Tolerance
  • Section Three Linkage Between Developmental Arrest and Cold Hardiness
  • Section Four Genetic Basis of Superior Cold Tolerance
  • Section Five Impact of Global Climate Change on Plants
  • Section Six From the Lab to the Field: Bridging the Gap
  • Section Seven Photosynthesis and Signalling
  • Section Eight Systems Biology
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