Biorational Tree Fruit Pest Management

Edited by M Aluja, T Leskey and C Vincent 
CABI  June 2009  

Hardback  296 pp  ISBN 9781845934842      £85.00
Emphasizing the importance of environmentally sustainable approaches, this book evaluates tree fruit pest management from the evolution, ecology and behaviour of insect pests to the implementation of applied biorational programmes in an agroecosystem. Both experimental and applied topics are discussed, including the conceptual framework of integrated pest management, functional and behavioural ecology of a pest, host detection mechanisms and monitoring tool development as well as pest management case studies.

Readership: Academic students and researchers interested in horticulture, crop protection and entomology as well as commercial growers, government extension agents and industry personnel.


  • Conceptual Framework for the IPM of Tree Fruit Pests M Kogan
  • The Evolution of Key Tree Fruit Pests G Bush, S Berlocher and J Feder
  • Functional and Behavioural Ecology of Key Tree Fruit Pests B Roitberg, D Papaj, C R Lauzon and S Opp
  • How do Key Fruit Tree Pests Detect their Hosts S Dorn and J Piņero
  • Managing the Apple Maggot Fly and the Plum Curculio
  • Implementation of Tree Fruit Pest and Disease IPM D Cooley and W M Coli
  • Managing Key Fruit Tree Pests Through Environmental Manipulation M Aluja, J Rull and P L Phelan
  • Speciation, Consumer and the Market T Green and S White
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