Manual of Leaf Architecture

Edited by B Ellis, L J Hickey, K R Johnson, J D Mitchell, P Wilf and S Wing 
CABI  July 2009  

Paperback  220 pp  ISBN 9781845935856      £18.00

Hardback  220 pp  ISBN 9781845935849      £35.00
This is an essential reference for describing, measuring and classifying the foliage of flowering plants. The presented system provides long-needed guidelines for characterizing the organization, shape, venation, and surface features of angiosperm leaves. In contrast to systems focusing on reproductive characters for identification, the emphasis is on macroscopic features of the leaf blade including leaf characters, venation, and tooth characters.

The advantage of this system is that it allows for the classification of plants independently of their flowers, which is especially useful for fossil leaves (usually found in isolation) and tropical plants (whose flowering cycles are brief and irregular, and whose fruits and flowers may be difficult to access). An illustrated terminology including detailed definitions and annotated illustrations is the focus of the classification system, the aim of which is to provide a framework with comparative examples to allow both modern and fossil leaves to be described and classified consistently.

Published in association with the New York Botanical Garden.

Readership: Plant scientists, including paleobotanists, systematists and ecologists.


  • Introduction
  • General Definitions
  • Leaf Characters
  • Vein Definitions
  • Vein Characters
  • Tooth Definitions
  • Tooth Characters
  • References
  • Appendix A: Summary of Characters and Character States
    Appendix B: Examples of Scored Leaves
    Appendix C: Vouchers
    Appendix D: Instructions for Clearing Leaves

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