Agro-industries for Development

Edited by C A da Silva, D Baker, A W Shepherd, S M da Cruz and C Jenane 
CABI  August 2009  

Hardcover  304 pp  ISBN 9781845935764      £65.00

Softcover  304 pp  ISBN 9781845935771      £45.00
This book is a co-publication with FAO, UNIDO and IFAD.

The development of competitive agro-industries is crucial for creating employment and income opportunities as well as enhancing the quality of and demand for farm products. Agro-industries can have a real effect on international development by increasing economic growth and reducing poverty in both rural and urban areas of developing countries. However, in order to avoid adverse effects to vulnerable countries and people, sound policies and strategies for fostering agro-industries are needed.

Agro-industries for Development highlights the current status and future course for agro-industries and brings attention to the contributions this sector can make to international development. The book includes contributions from agro-industry specialists, academic experts and UN technical agencies, chapters address the strategies and actions required for improving agro-industrial competitiveness in ways that can create income, generate employment and fight poverty in the developing world.

Readership: Agricultural and international development policy makers, agro-industry specialists, agribusiness managers and researchers in agricultural economics and related topics.


  • Introduction
  • Building the Political Case for Agro-industries and Agribusiness in Developing Countries
  • Agro-industry Trends, Patterns and Development Impacts
  • Technologies Shaping the Future
  • Enabling Environments for Competitive Agro-industries
  • Business Models that are Inclusive of Small Farmers
  • Corporate Social Responsibility for Agro-industries Development


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