Root-knot Nematodes

Edited by R Perry and J Starr 
CABI  October 2009  

Hardback  496 pp  ISBN 9781845934927      £99.00
Root-knot nematodes are the most economically important group of plant-parasitic nematodes worldwide, and their control presents a major global challenge. Advances are being made in understanding their biology, host-parasite interaction and management strategies. This comprehensive guide with contributions from international experts covers the taxonomy, classification, morphology, life-cycle biology, resistance, sampling, detection and control strategies of these pests, providing an essential eference for reserachers and students in plant nematology and pathology, parasitology, agriculture and agronomy.


  • 1 Meloidogyne species - A Diverse Group of Novel and Important Plant Parasites
  • General Morphology
  • Taxonomy, Identification and Principal Species
  • Biochemical and Molecular Identification
  • Molecular Taxonomy and Phylogeny
  • Hatch and Host Location
  • Invasion, Feeding and Development
  • Reproduction, Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Survival Strategies
  • Interactions with Other Pathogens
  • Population Dynamics and Damage Levels
  • Mechanisms and Genetics of Resistance
  • Development of Resistant Varieties
  • Plant Biotechnology and Control
  • The Complete Sequence of the Genomes of Meloidogyne incognita and Meloidogyne hapla
  • Biological Control through Microbial Pathogens, Endophytes and Antagonists
  • Current and Future Management Strategies in Intensive Crop Production Systems
  • Current and Future Management Strategies in Resource-Poor Farming
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