Starch - Chemistry and Technology (3rd edition)

James N. BeMiller and Roy L. Whistler 
Academic Press  March 2009  

Hardcover  894 pp  ISBN 9780127462752      £130.00
The third edition of this long-serving successful reference work is a 'must-have' reference for anyone needing or desiring an understanding of the structure, chemistry, properties, production and uses of starches and their derivatives.

This work will be of interest to professionals working with starch/starch derivatives processing; students in areas related to carbohydrates and starch, applied biochemistry and industrial and applied chemistry: food chemists and technologists, chemical engineers, agricultural chemists, researchers in related industries such as paper, textiles and adhesives'


1-History and Future of Starch
Roy L. Whistler & Deborah Schwartz

2-Economic Growth and Organization of the Starch Industry
Paul L. Farris

3-Genetics and Physiology of Starch Development
Jack C. Shannon, Douglas L. Garwood, and Charles D. Boyer

4-The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Starch Biosynthesis
Jack Preiss

5-Structural Features of Starch Granules I
Serge Perez, Paul M. Baldwin, and Daniel J. Gallant

6- Structural Features of Starch Granules II
Jay-lin Jane

7-Enzymes and Their Action on Starch
John F. Robyt

8-Structural Transitions and Related Physical Properties of Starch
Costas G. Biliaderis

9-Corn and Sorghum Starches: Production
Stanley A. Watson and Steven R. Eckhoff

10-Wheat Starch: Production, Properties, Modification, and Uses
C.C. Maningat, S.D. Bassi, K.S. Woo, G.D. Lasater, and P.A. Seib

11-Potato Starch: Production, Properties, Modification, and Uses
Heilko E. Grommers and Do A. Van der Krogt

12-Tapioca/Cassava Starch: Production and Use
Klanarong Sriroth, Kuakoon Piyachomkwan, and William F. Breuninger

13-Rice Starches: Production and Properties
Cheryl R. Mitchell

14-Rye Starch
Ann-Charlotte Eliasson and Karin Autio

15-Oat Starch
Karin Autio and Ann-Charlotte Eliasson

16-Barley Starch: Production, Properties, Modification, and Uses
Thava Vasanthan and Ratnajothi Hoover

17-Starch Modification
Chung-wai Chiu and Daniel Solarek

18-Starch in the Paper Industry
Hans W. Maurer

19-Starch in Polymer Composition
J.L. Willett

20-Starch Use in Foods
William R. Mason

21-Sweeteners from Starches: Production, Properties and Uses
Larry Hobbs

22-Cyclodextrins: Properties and Applications
Allen R. Hedges

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