Quantitative Ecology - Measurement, Models and Scaling (2nd edition)

David C. Schneider 
Academic Press  July 2009  

Hardcover  432 pp  ISBN 9780126278651      £70.00
This reference book will be of value to faculty, researchers and professional ecologists, graduate students and advanced undergraduates, anyone with professional interest in wildlife management, fishery sciences, forestry, conservation biology, resource ecology, and evolutionary biology


  • Quantitative Reasoning in Ecology
  • Scale in Ecology
  • Measured Quantities
  • Units and Dimensions
  • Rescaling Quantities
  • Dimensions
  • The Geography and Chronology of Quantities
  • Quantities Derived from Sequential Measurements
  • Ensemble Quantities: Weighted Sums
  • Ensemble Quantities: Variability
  • The Scope of Quantities
  • The Scope of Research Programs
  • Equations
  • Coordinating Equations: Derivatives
  • Equations and Uncertainty
  • Power Laws and Scaling Theory
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