Modern Biopolymer Science - Bridging the Divide between Fundamental Treatise and Industrial Application

Edited by Stefan Kasapis, Ian T. Norton and Johan B, Ubbink 
Academic Press  July 2009  

Hardcover  640 pp  ISBN 9780123741950      £105.00
Industrialists developing new food and pharmaceutical products face the challenge of innovation in an increasingly competitive market that must consider incredient cost, product added-value, expectations of a healthy life-style, improved sensory impact, controlled delivery of active compounds and last, but not lease, product stability. While much work has been done to explore, understand, and address these issues, a gap has emerged between recent advances in fundamental knowledge and its direct application to product situations with a growing need for scientific input. This book matches science to application by first acknowledging the differing viewpoints between those working with low-solids and those working with high-solids, and then sharing the expertise of those two camps under a unified framework of materials science.

Of interest to scientists and technologists at research and development units in the food, materials, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and life sciences industries including product research and development, packaging research and development and medical chemists..


  • Low- and High-Solid Biopolymer/co-Solute Mixtures;
  • Mapping the Different States of Food as a Function of Solids Content and Temperature Using a State Diagram;
  • Microstructural Advances in the Understanding of Carbohydrate Glasses;
  • Molecular Mobility of Bioactive Compounds in Biopolymer Matrices;
  • Hydroccoloids and Medical Chemistry Applications;
  • Fundamentals and Application of Protein Gelation;
  • Biopolymer Composite Theory in Relation to Novel Product Development;
  • Effect of Processing on Biopolymer Interactions;
  • Molecular Theory of Polysaccharide Gels and Applications;
  • Unifying Theory of Molecular Dynamics for Synthetic and Bio-macromolecules across the Viscoelastic Spectrum;
  • Self Assembling Structures;
  • Coacervates as Food Ingredients or Microencapsulation Delivery Systems;
  • Biopolymer Films and Composite Coatings;
  • Applications of Single-Molecule Techniques
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