Ozonation of Organic and Polymer Compounds

Gennady Zaikov 
Rapra  November 2009  

Hardcover  412 pp  ISBN 9781847351432      £125.00

Softcover  412 pp  ISBN 9781847351425      £100.00
The study of the kinetics and mechanism of ozone reactions is an important field in modern science closely related to the solution of the problem of 'ozone holes', the development of physical-, organic-, inorganic-, polymer- and bio-chemistry with ozone participation, chemical kinetics, theory and utilisation of the reactivity of chemical compounds towards ozone, development of new highly efficient technologies for chemical industry, electronics, fine organic synthesis, solution of ecological and medical problems by employing ozone, degradation and stabilisation of organic, polymer, elastomer and biological materials, etc., against its harmful action.

The intentional application of ozone promotes invention and development of novel and improvement of well known methods for its generation and analysis, means and methods for its more effective application. A number of laboratory and industrial methods for its synthesis have been proposed and are discussed in this book.

The first technical title of its kind will be of specific interest to Chemists, Chemical Engineers, R&D Managers and all those involved with this in industry.


  • Kinetics and Mechanism of Ozone Reactions with Organic and Polymeric Compounds in the Liquid Phase
  • Ozonolysis of Oxygen-Containing Organic Compounds
  • Ozonolysis of Alkenes in Liquid Phase
  • Degradation and Stabilisation of Rubber
  • Quantum Chemical Calculations of Ozonolysis of Organic Compounds
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