Rubber, A Story of Glory and Greed (reprint of 1936 classic)

Howard Wolf and Ralph Wolf 
Rapra  November 2009  

Hardback  446 pp  ISBN 9781847353757      £50.00
This book is the second of the new Classic Rapra Reprint Series. Rapra has searched their 'previously published' and successful reference books, and found some real gems that are now being re-released.

History, war, bloodshed and even romance ... it's all contained in this Classic Rapra Reprint! The book is targeted at the general reader, it's both informative and entertaining. It will also be interesting to students of the history of science, as well as to those who work with rubber on a day-to-day basis and those who would like to know more about the background of the rubber that they are working with.

Rubber - A Story of Glory and Greed was the first attempt at a comprehensive history of rubber, when it was first published in 1936. This impressive book is a popular account of rubber and covers its history, background, how it was discovered and how it grows, the scandal of its exploitation, the big business of rubber, foreign and domestic, the first attempts to make synthetic rubber, rubber invention and research, and manufacturing of products using rubber.

When this book was first written it was felt that there was a need for a general history of rubber as the modern world was so dependent upon rubber for transportation, communications and electric power. We are still dependent on rubber in today's world and so this book is still of great value to all involved in the industry.


1. Genesis

2. Wild
2.1 Rubber River 2.2 Jungle Boom 2.3 The Cearenses, the Caucheros, the Infidels 2.4 Congo King 2.5 Outposts of Progress

3. Plantation
3.1 Seed Snatch 3.2 Gold on Trees 3.3 Brown Man, Yellow Man 3.4 Caoutchouc Corners 3.5 Industrial Imperialists 3.6 Temperate Zone

4. Laboratory and Mill
4.1 The Problem 4.2 The Answerer 4.3 Reclaimer 4.4 Accelerator 4.5 Pigments, Mills and the Liquid Invasion 4.6 Synthetic

5. Big Business
5.1 Small Fry and Octopus 5.2 Boom Town 5.3 The Big Four 5.4 Gum Workers

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