Plant Nutrition of Greenhouse Crops

Edited by Cees Sonneveld and Wim Voogt 
Springer  October 2009  

Hardcover  431 pp  ISBN 9789048125319      £135.00
Greenhouse cultivation is noted for its high uptake of minerals, consistent climatic conditions, exclusion of natural precipitation and control of salt accumulation. Acknowledging that plant nutrition in greenhouse cultivation differs in many essentials from field production, this volume details specific information about testing methods for soils and substrates in a greenhouse environment. It does so while offering a universally applicable analysis. This is based on the composition of the soil and substrate solutions, methods for the interpretation of tissue tests, and crop responses on salinity and water supply in relation to fertilizer application. Fertilizer additions, related to analytical data of soil and substrate samples, are presented for a wide range of vegetable and ornamental crops.

The subject is especially apt now as substrate growing offers excellent possibilities for the optimal use of water and nutrients, as well as the potential for sustainable production methods for greenhouse crops.

Written for: Universities and agricultural colleges, R&D departments of breeding companies, soil testing laboratories, extension service companies, horticultural consultants, fertilizer industries and fertilizer supply companies, environmental offices, growers supply companies, large greenhouse and plant propagation companies


  • Greenhouse horticulture;
  • Fertilizers and soil improvers;
  • Soil solution;
  • Soil and substrate testing to estimate nutrient availability and salinity status;
  • Tissue tests;
  • Water uptake and water supply;
  • Salinity and water quality;
  • Crop response to an unequal distribution of ions in space and time;
  • Calcium nutrition and climatic conditions;
  • Chemical effects of disinfestations;
  • Substrates: chemical characteristics;
  • Nutrient solutions for soilless cultures;
  • Nutrient management in substrate systems;
  • Fertigation management of potted plants;
  • Fertigation in soil grown crops;
  • Nutrient management in soil grown crops;
  • Plant nutrition in future greenhouse production;
  • Definitions
  • Appendices
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