Oil Crops

Edited by Vollmann, Johann; Rajcan, Istvan 
Springer  September 2009  

Hardcover  450 pp  ISBN 9780387775937      £135.00
Vegetable oils have gained in importance during the past few decades resulting in the doubling of the world oil crop production in the last 25 years. Oil crops have been increasingly used as raw materials for food, livestock feed and non-food industrial applications. Plant breeding has played an essential role pagation or genetic engineering.

Oil Crops Breeding is a state-of-the-art compilation and a major reference text on oil crop breeding, which has been lacking for several decades. While the information accumulated in this volume is of primary interest to plant breeders, valuable insights are also offered to agronomists, molecular biologists, physiologists, plant pathologists, food scientists and university scholars from the comparative treatment of various oil crop species. Oil Crops Breeding presents 17 chapters devoted to the breeding of particular oil crop species. Oil crops with world-wide distribution such as soybean, sunflower, oilseed rape and related brassicas are presented side-by-side with tropical and subtropical species such as cotton seed, peanut or castor, the perennials oil palm, coconut and olive, minor oil crops of regional importance such as safflower, poppy, oil pumpkin or maize, and new oil crops such as lesquerella and cuphea.

Origin and domestication, varietal groups, genetic resources, major achievements and current breeding goals, breeding methods, techniques and biotechnologies, and seed production are addressed depending on their relevance in a particular crop.

Each crop chapter has been written by outstanding experts in their respective fields. Whenever possible authors from different institutions or countries worked together on particular chapters, which contributed to broadened and well-balanced views on particular species or topics.

Written for: Plant breeders, researchers, institutes, professors, and industry


1. Oil Crop Breeding and Genetics , Johann Vollmann and Istvan Rajcan

2 Modifying Vegetable Oils for Food and Non-food Purposes, Edgar B. Cahoon, Thomas E. Clemente, Howard G. Damude, and Anthony J. Kinney

3 Soybean , Elroy R. Cober, Silvia R. Cianzio, Vincent R. Pantalone, and Istvan Rajcan

4 Oilseed Rape, Wolfgang Friedt and Rod Snowdon

5 Other Brassicas , Leonardo Velasco and Jose€ M. Ferna€ndez-Mart?€nez

6 Sunflower, Jose€ M. Ferna€ndez-Mart?€nez, Begon€a Pe€rez-Vich, and Leonardo Velasco

7 Flax , Scott D. Duguid

8 Cotton, Steve Hague, Lori Hinze, and James Frelichowski

9 Peanut , Barry L. Tillman and H. Thomas Stalker

10 Castor, Dick L. Auld, Mauricio D. Zanotto, Thomas McKeon, and John B. Morris

11 Oil Palm, Aik Chin Soh, Choo Kien Wong, Yuk Wah Ho, and Chieh Wean Choong

12 Coconut, Lalith Perera, Suriya A.C.N. Perera, Champa K. Bandaranayake, and Hugh C. Harries

13 Olive, Luciana Baldoni and Angjelina Belaj

14 Safflower, Hans-Henning Mu€ ndel and Jerald W. Bergman

15 Poppy, Jeno Bernath and Eva Nemeth

16 Hull-Less Oil Seed Pumpkin , Tama€ s Lelley, Brent Loy, and Michael Murkovic

17 Maize for Oil, Elizabeth A. Lee

18 New Crops Breeding: Lesquerella, David Dierig and Dennis T. Ray

19 Cuphea , Winthrop B. Phippen


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