Packaging Research in Food Product Design and Development

Howard R. Moskowitz, Michele Reisner, John Benedict Lawlor, Rosires Deliza 
Wiley-Blackwell  August 2009  

Hardcover  280 pp  ISBN 9780813812229      £140.00
Packaging Research in Food Product Design and Development is the first book to comprehensively address the issues of graphics design and visual concepts, from a systematic, scientific viewpoint, yet with business applications in mind. Positioned specifically for foods and beverages, Packaging Research in Food Product Design and Development uniquely combines consumer liking, segmentation and €how to€ business methodology with a detailed treatment of the different facets of concept research.


Part I Methods, materials, mind-sets
Chapter 01 A practitioner€s guide to research or € what you should know
Chapter 02 Consumer packaging: Important functionally, but not attitudinally
Chapter 03 Starting at the beginning: Experimenting to discover what shape €wins€
Chapter 04 Patterns in packages: Learning from many packages and many attributes
Chapter 05 A gentle introduction to the world of systematics
Chapter 06 Identify what works by letting the competition do the work
Chapter 07 Psychophysics and the issue of price/value

Part II Ideas and inspirations
Chapter 08 Idea factories: Where do packaging (and other) ideas come from?
Chapter 09 Defining the new package: Specifying the package at the concept level
Chapter 10 What should my package say?
Chapter 11 What concepts tell us versus what packages tell us for the same product € Case history € Pretzels
Chapter 12 €Closing in on the container€
Chapter 13 Action & reality: Using video for the package experience

Part III Health and hope
Chapter 14 Do labels make a difference?
Chapter 15 Understanding Nutrition Labeling Case study € ice cream
Chapter 16 Healthy pasta: Nutritional labeling & the role of messages

Part IV Emotions and experience
Chapter 17 Emotions and package design - coffee
Chapter 18 Beyond the stimulus to the €experience€
Chapter 19 Homo economicus rears its head
Chapter 20 Which should I choose € Packages on the shelf

Part V Temptations of technology
Chapter 21 Response time
Chapter 22 Combining eye tracking with experimental design
Chapter 23 Taking stock

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