Renewable Bioresources: Scope and Modification for Non-Food Applications

Edited by Christian Stevens and Roland Verhé 
Wiley  2004  

Hardcover  328 pp  ISBN 9780470854464      £125.00

Paperback  328 pp  ISBN 9780470854471      £45.00
Renewable Bioresources: scope and modification for non-food applications is the first text to consider the broad concept of renewable materials from the socio-economic aspects through to the chemical production and technical aspects of treating different raw products. The text sets the context of the renewables debate with key opening chapters on green chemistry, and the situation of US and EU policy regarding sustainability and industrial waste. The quantitative and technical scope and production of renewable resources is then discussed with material looking at integral valorisation, the primary production of raw materials, downstream processing, and the identification of renewable crop materials. The latter part of the book concludes with a discussion on the uses for renewable materials such as carbohydrates, woods, fibres, biopolymers, lipids and proteins in different industrial applications, including a key chapter on the high value-added industries.


List of Contributors.
List of Abbreviations.

  • Green Chemistry and Sustainability (Jeffrey Hardy).
  • Socio-Economical Aspects and Policy of Renewable Resources (Liisa Tahvanainen and Christian V. Stevens).
  • Integral Valorization (Werner Praznik and Christian V. Stevens).
  • Primary Production of Raw Materials (Waldemar Rymowicz).
  • Energy from Renewable Resources (Bio-Energy) (Mehrdad Arshadi).
  • Identification and Quantification of Renewable Crop Materials (Anton Huber and Werner Praznik).
  • Industrial Products from Carbohydrates, Wood and Fibres (Christian V. Stevens).
  • Occurrence, Functions and Biosynthesis of Non-Carbohydrate Biopolymers (Christian O. Brämer and Alexander Steinbüchel).
  • Industrial Products from Lipids and Proteins (Roland Verhé).
  • High Value-added Industries (Jan Demyttenaere and Jozef Poppe).
  • Renewable Resources: Back to the Future (Christian V. Stevens).


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