Rice Biology in the Genomics Era

Edited by Hirano, H.-Y.; Hirai, A.; Sano, Y.; Sasaki, T. 
Springer  2008  

Hardcover  382 pp  ISBN 9783540742487      £206.00
There are few more emotive, or important, crops in the world than rice - the staple food for a huge proportion of the world's population.

This volume presents the latest results of research in crop improvement as well as in molecular and cellular activities in rice.

It consists of 26 chapters and is divided into the following four sections: Genome-wide and genome-based research; Signal transduction and development; Evolution and ecology; and Improvement of rice.

The background to this book is that the complete sequencing of the rice genome and new molecular biological techniques have led to tremendous advances in our knowledge of rice biology.

Thus rice has become an important model plant for basic and applied research.

Written for researchers, plant breeders, agronomists, advanced students, teachers.


Section I Genome-wide and Genome-based Research

I.1 The Rice Genome Sequence as an Indispensable Tool for Crop Improvement , Takuji Sasaki, Jianzhong Wu, Hiroshi Mizuno, Baltazar A. Antonio, and Takashi Matsumoto
I.2 Bioinformatics and Database of the Rice Genome , Hisataka Numa, Tsuyoshi Tanaka, and Takeshi Itoh
I.3 Sequencing-based Measurements of mRNA and Small RNA , Kan Nobuta and Blake C. Meyers
I.4 Microarray-based Approaches to Rice Transcriptome Analysis , Lei Li and Xing Wang Deng
I.5 High-throughput Transcriptome Analysis in Rice from a Genomic Perspective , Shoshi Kikuchi
I.6 Active Transposons in Rice , Tetsuya Nakazaki, Ken Naito, Yutaka Okumoto, and Takatoshi Tanisaka
I.7 Homologous Recombination-dependent Gene Targeting and an Active DNA Transposon nDart-promoted Gene Tagging for Rice Functional Genomics , Yasuyo Johzuka-Hisatomi, Masahiko Maekawa, Kyoko Takagi, Chang-Ho Eun, Takaki Yamauchi, Zenpei Shimatani, Nisar Ahmed, Hiroko Urawa, Kazuo Tsugane, Rie Terada, and Shigeru Iida
I.8 T-DNA Tagging Lines , Gynheung An
I.9 Frequent DNA Transfer Among Mitochondrial, Plastid and Nuclear Genomes of Rice During Evolution , Mikio Nakazono and Atsushi Hirai

Section II Signal Transduction and Development

II.1 Hormonal Signal Transduction in Rice , Ayako Nakamura and Makoto Matsuoka
II.2 Rice Heterotrimeric G Protein Signaling , Yukimoto Iwasaki, Hisaharu Kato, Yukiko Fujisawa, and Katsuyuki Oki
II.3 Genetic Control of Embryogenesis in Rice , Yutaka Sato
II.4 Photoperiodic Flowering in Rice , Takeshi Izawa
II.5 Genetic Regulation of Meristem Maintenance and Organ Specifi cation in Rice Flower Development , Hiro-Yuki Hirano
II.6 Genetic Dissection of Sexual Reproduction in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) , Ken-Ichi Nonomura and Shinichiro Yamaki
II.7 Molecular Studies on Cytoplasmic Male Sterility-associated Genes and Restorer Genes in Rice , Sota Fujii, Tomohiko Kazama, and Kinya Toriyama

Section III Evolution and Ecology

III.1 Phylogeny and Biogeography of the Genus Oryza , Duncan A. Vaughan, Song Ge, Akito Kaga, and Norihiko Tomooka
III.2 Chromosome and Genome Evolution in Rice , Nori Kurata
III.3 Genetics of Speciation in Rice , Yohei Koide, Kazumitsu Onishi, Akira Kanazawa, and Yoshio Sano
III.4 Genetic Diversity in Wild Relatives of Rice and Domestication Events , Hong-Wei Cai, Masahiro Akimoto, and Hiroko Morishima
III.5 Rice Retroposon, p-SINE, and Its Use for Classifi cation and Identifi cation of Oryza Species , Hisako Ohtsubo, Suguru Tsuchimoto, Jian-Hong Xu, Chaoyang Cheng, Marcia Y. Koudo, Nori Kurata, and Eiichi Ohtsubo

Section IV Improvement of Rice

IV.1 Detection and Molecular Cloning of Genes Underlying Quantitative Phenotypic Variations in Rice , Toshio Yamamoto and Masahiro Yano
IV.2 Rice Yielding and Plant Hormones , Motoyuki Ashikari and Tomoaki Sakamoto
IV.3 Regulation of Iron and Zinc Uptake and Translocation in Rice , Takanori Kobayashi and Naoko K. Nishizawa
IV.4 Abiotic Stress , Takayuki Ohnishi, Mikio Nakazono, and Nobuhiro Tsutsumi
IV.5 Health-promoting Transgenic Rice: Application of Rice Seeds as a Direct Delivery System for Bioactive Peptides in Human Health , Fumio Takaiwa, Lijun Yang, and Hiroshi Yasuda


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