The Theory and Practice of Strategic Environmental Assessment - Towards a More Systematic Approach

Earthscan  July 2007  

Hardback  234 pp  ISBN 9781844074532      £90.00

Softcover  234 pp  ISBN 9781844074525      £35.00
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a fast-growing and rapidly evolving professional field driven by both advances in theory and practice and by regulatory requirements in Europe, North America, Australasia, South Africa and increasingly across Asia. However, to date, analysis of existing practice and associated reporting has remained far from systematic and there has been a clear need for a comprehensive textbook to facilitate teaching, learning and practice in this burgeoning field.

This textbook, the first of its kind, provides for a state-ofthe-art review of SEA theory and practice and promotes a more systematic approach to SEA. It is written for a wide student, professional and academic audience and aims particularly at supporting the development of SEA modules in undergraduate and postgraduate planning, environmental assessment, engineering and law courses. It provides an overview of the fundamental principles and rules of SEA, reports systematically on international SEA practice and theory and pushes the envelope by developing the theory. Supporting material includes boxed examples and case studies from around the world, extra reading suggestions and a glossary of terms.

This is the essential book for all students, professionals and academics in SEA and EIA and follow-up worldwide.

  • Foreword
  • What is Strategic Environmental Assessment?
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment Process, Methods and Techniques
  • Identifying Appropriate Issues and Alternatives to be Addressed in SEA: The Importance of a Tiered Approach
  • Comparative Review of 11 Established Strategic Environmental Assessment Systems
  • The European SEA Directive: Its Transposition and Implementation in the Member States
  • Spatial and Land Use Case Studies
  • Summary and Conclusions


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