Handbook of Detergents, Part F: Production

Edited by Uri Zoller and Paul Sosis 
CRC Press  November 2008  

Hardcover  616 pp  ISBN 9780824703493      £127.00
  • Includes guidelines for formulation based on intended use to develop safer detergents
  • Guides formulation decisions to increase effectiveness and safety of detergents
  • Provides a review of the processes and chemical techniques involved in producing various formulations
  • Discusses consumer products as well as specialty areas, i.e. auto care, textile processing, separation science, etc.
  • Offers an overview of statistical mixture design in detergent formulation

The production of detergents is a classic multididimensional systemic enterprise, operating within complex, interacting technological-economical-sociopolitical realities. An ever-changing, dynamic relationship exists, governed by the sustainability imperative, between demands, needs, cost/benefits, gains/tradeoffs, and social preferences. Part F of the Handbook of Detergents presents the state of the art concerning the industrial production of the main "players" in detergent formulation. These include surfactants, builders, auxiliaries, bleaching ingredients, chelating and redeposition agents, enzymes, and fragrances as well as the production of some key raw materials.


  • Surfactant Production:Present Realities and Future Perspectives, M.I. Levinson, Ph.D.
  • Detergent Alkylate and Detergent Olefins Production, B.V. Vora, G.A. Peterson, S.W. Sohn, and M.G. Riley
  • The Production and Economics of Alkylphenols, Aklylphenolethoxylatesand their Raw Materials, A.R. Grover
  • The Production of Alkyl Glucosides, J. Varvil, P.McCurry, and C. Pickens
  • The Production of LAS, I. Adami
  • The Production of Alcohols and Alcohol Sulfates, J.J. Scheibel
  • The Production of Alkanesulfonates and Related Compounds (High Molecular Weight Sulfonates), J.P. Canselier
  • The Production of Glyceryl Ether Sulfonates, J.C. Cummins
  • Manufacture of Syndet Toilet Bars, P. Tovaglieri
  • Phospate Ester Surfactants, D.J. Tracy and R.L. Reierson
  • The Production of Methyl Ester Sulfonates, N.C. Foster, B.W. MacArthur, W.B. Sheats, S.N. Trivedi, and M.C. Shea
  • Amphoteric Surfactants: Synthesis and Production, D.J. Floyd and M.Jurczyk and edited by U. Zoller
  • The Production of Alkanolamides, Alkylpolyglucosides, Alkylsulfosuccinates and Alkylglucamides, B. Gutsche and A. Behler
  • The Production of Hydrotropes, R.L. Burns and U. Zoller
  • Production of EO/PO block co-polymers, E. Santacesaria, M. Di Serio, and R. Tesser
  • Production of Oxyethylated Fatty Acid Methyl Esters, J. Szymanowski
  • The Production of Silicone Surfactants and Antifoam Compounds in Detergents, A.J. O€Lenick, Jr. and K.A. O€Lenick
  • Production of Fluorinated Surfactants via Electrochemical Fluorination, H.-J. Lehmler
  • Detergent Processing, A.E. Bayly, D.J. Smith, S. Capeci, and D.W. York
  • The production of quarternary surfactants, A. Behler
  • Production of Detergent Builders € Phosphates, Carboneates, and Polycarboxylates, O.G. Raney, Ph.D.
  • The Production of Silicates and Zeolites for the Detergent Industry, H.P. Bauer
  • The Production of Inorganic and Organic Bleaching Ingredients, N.S. Boulos
  • Inorganic Bleaches: The Production of Hypochlorite, W.L. Smith
  • Production of Key ingredients of Detergent Personal Care Products, L. Ho Tan Tai and V. Nardello-Rataj
  • Production of Solvents for the Detergent Industry, R.K. Khandal, Dr. G. Seshadri, S. Kaushik, and D.i Khandal
  • Production of proteases and other detergent enzymes, T.T. Hansen, H. Jorgensen, and M. Bundgaard-Nielsen
  • Chemistry, Production and Application of Fluorescent Whitening Agents, K.A. Wilzer, PhD and A.K. Johnson, PhD
  • Production of Gemini Surfactants, B.N.A. Mbadugha and J.S. Keiper
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