Sulfur Assimilation and Abiotic Stress in Plants

Edited by Khan, Nafees A.; Singh, Sarvajeet; Umar, Shahid 
Springer  2008  

Hardcover  372 pp  ISBN 9783540763253      £135.00
Sulfur is one of the four major essential elements necessary for the plant life cycle. Its assimilation in higher plants and its reduction in metabolically important sulfur compounds are crucial factors determining plant growth and vigor and resistance to stresses. The range of biological compounds that contain sulfur is wide. The information on sulfur assimilation can be exploited in tailoring for efficient sulfur utilization, and in the applied approaches for the sustenance of agricultural productivity through nutritional improvement and increased stress tolerance.

The present book discusses the aspects of sustainable crop production with sulfur, the importance of sulfur metabolites and sulfur metabolizing enzymes in abiotic stress management in plants.

Written for plant biochemists, plant physiologists


  • Responses to Sulfur Limitation in Maize.
  • Feasibility of Elemental S Fertilizers for Optimum Seed Yield and Quality of Canola in the Parkland Region of the Canadian Great Plains.
  • Impact of Sulphur on N2 Fixation of Legumes.
  • Sulphur Nutrition and Assimilation in Crop Plant.
  • Regulatory Protein
  • Protein Interactions in Primary Metabolism: The Case of the Cysteine Synthase Complex.
  • Glutathione Reductase: A Putative Redox Regulatory System in Plant Cells.
  • Sulfotransferases and their Role in Glucosinolate Biosynthesis.
  • Response of Photosynthetic Organelle to Abiotic Stress: Modulation by Sulfur Metabolism.
  • Modified Levels of Cysteine affect Glutathione Metabolism in Plant Cells.
  • Role of Glutathione in Abiotic Stress Tolerance.
  • Recent Advances in Understanding of Plant Responses to Excess Metals: Exposure, Accumulation and Tolerance.
  • Role of Sulfate and S
  • Rich Compounds in Heavy Metal Tolerance and Accumulation.
  • Sulfur Assimilation and Cadmium Tolerance in Plants.
  • Glutathione Metabolism in Bryophytes under Abiotic Stress.
  • Allocation of Sulfur to Sulfonium Compounds in Microalgae.
  • Accumulation and Transformation of Sulfonated Aromatic Compounds by Higher Plants - Towards the Phytotreatment of Wastewater from Dye and Textile Industry.
  • Fertilisation with Sulphur under Nitrogen Deprivation on Quality of Winter Wheat: A Case Study.
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