Comparative Wood Anatomy - Systematic, Ecological, and Evolutionary Aspects of Dicotyledon Wood (Second edition)

S Carlquist 
Springer Verlag  February 2001  

Hardcover  418 pages  ISBN 9783540411734      £150.00
This is a completely revised edition of the book on wood anatomy, incorporating information on the significant changes that have occurred in understanding of wood anatomy over the past years. It is richly illustrated with both light and scanning electron micrographs that clearly presents variations in dicotyledon wood in terms of cell types and their variations, taxonomic distribution of characteristics, ecological aspects and evolutionary significance of. wood features. It also covers methods of preparation and terminology as well as providing references to pertinent literature. Overall the additions extend the value of the first editions that was regarded an immensely valuable exposé on comparative wood anatomy and its bearing on systematic, ecological and evolutionary aspects of dicotyledon wood, making it strongly recommended to all who are interested in wood and wood products.

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Autumn 2001 : Springer : cell biology : ecology : evolution : methods : plant science : taxonomy : trees and timber

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