Plant Embryogenesis

Edited by Suárez, María F.; Bozhkov, Peter V. 
Humana Press  2008  

Softcover  300 pp  ISBN 9781617378485      £72.00
The advent of the postgenome era has brought a remarkable evolution in modern plant embryology. In Plant Embryogenesis, the authors focus on the common developmental process and compile novel tools and methods designed specifically for studying plant embryogenesis. In each chapter, detailed outlines of model embryonic systems are provided, as well as cutting-edge cellular, genetic and molecular mechanisms. This important book gives insight into the methods used in studying the transformation of phylogenetically-conserved embryonic patterns into flora's astounding diversity of growth forms today. Invaluable to those new to the field and inspiring to full-fledged plant embryologists, Plant Embryogenesis provides today's most comprehensive platform to the understanding of plant embryo development.

Written for plant embryologists, molecular and cell biologists, botanists, bioengineers


1. Arabidopsis embryogenesis Soomin Park and John J. Harada
2. Maize embryogenesis Pilar Fontanet and Carlos M. Vicient
3. Spruce embryogenesis Sara von Arnold and David Clapham

4. In vitro fertilization with isolated higher plant gametes Erhard Kranz, Yoichiro Hoshino and Takashi Okamoto
5. In vitro culture of Arabidopsis embryos Michael Sauer and Jirí Friml
6. Culture and time-lapse tracking of barley microspore-derived embryos Simone de F. Maraschin, Sandra van Bergen, Marco Vennik and Mei Wang
7. Isolation of embryo-specific mutants in Arabidopsis: Plant transformation Nai-You Liu, Zhi-Feng Zhang and Wei-Cai Yang
8. Isolation of embryo-specific mutants in Arabidopsis: Genetic and phenotypic analysis Nai-You Liu, Zhi-Feng Zhang and Wei-Cai Yang
9. Laser-capture microdissection to study global transcriptional changes during plant embryogenesis Stuart A. Casson, Matthew W.B., Spencer and Keith Lyndsey
10. Promoter trapping system to study embryogenesis Robert Blanvillain and Patrick Gallois
11. Visualization of auxin gradients in embryogenesis Michael Sauer and Jirí Friml
12. Intercellular trafficking of macromolecules during embryogenesis Insoon Kim and Patricia C. Zambryski
13. Immunolocalisation of proteins in somatic embryos: applications for studies on the cytoskeleton Andrei P. Smertenko and Patrick J. Hussey
14. Detection of programmed cell death in plant embryos Lada H. Filonova, Maria F. Suarez and Peter V. Bozhkov

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