Plant-Fungal Pathogen Interaction - A Classical and Molecular View

H H Prell and P Day 
Springer Verlag  2001  

Hardcover  270 pages  ISBN 9783540667278      £87.00

Research on the interactions of plants and phytopathogenic fungi has become one of the most interesting and rapidly moving fields in the plant sciences, the findings of which have contributed tremendously to the development of new strategies of plant protection. This book offers an insight into the state of present knowledge with particular emphasis placed on the recognition phenomena that occur between plants and fungi, parasitization strategies employed by the phytopathogenic fungi, the action of phytotoxins, the compatibility of pathogens with host plants and the basic resistance of non-host plants as well as cultivar-specific resistance of host plants. Special attention is also paid to the gene-for-gene hypothesis for the determination of race-specific resistance, its molecular models and to the nature of race non-specific resistance as well as the population dynamics of plants and the evolution of their basic resistance. This information is presented under the following chapter headings:

  • Introduction.
  • Recognition, the first step in interaction between plants and pathogen.
  • Activities of phytopathogenic fungi when colonizing their host plants.
  • Taxonomy of phytopathogenic fungi.
  • Plant defense strategies against phytopathogenic fungi.
  • Basic incompatibility: the resistance of non-host plants to phytopathogenic fungi.
  • Phytotoxins, the weapons of necrotrophic phytopathogenic fungi.
  • Host plant resistance: cultivar- or parasite-specific resistance.
  • Host plant tolerance.
  • Induced tolerance.
  • Evolution of plant-pathogen interaction - its influence on breeding of disease resistant crops in agriculture.
  • Glossary.

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