Flowering Plants. Eudicots - Asterales

Edited by J W Kadereit and C Jeffrey 
Springer  November 2007  

Hardcover  635 pp  ISBN 9783540310501      £296.00
This volume contains a complete systematic treatment of the flowering plant order Asterales, comprising 12 families with approx. 1,720 genera and about 26,300 species. The order includes Compositae as the largest family of flowering plants. Based on traditional studies, several of the constituent families have long been recognized as being closely interrelated. The inclusion in the order of Alseuosmiaceae, Argophyllaceae, Carpodetaceae, Phellinaceae and Rousseaceae is the result mainly of new advances in molecular systematics. Identification keys are provided for all genera, and likely phylogenetic relationships are discussed extensively. The wealth of information contained in this volume makes it an indispensable source for all working in the fields of pure and applied plant sciences. Written for researchers; herbaria, botanical gardens and museums.


Asterales: Introduction and Conspectus - J.W Kadereit

  • Alseuosmiaceae - J Kårehed
  • Argophyllaceae J Kårehed
  • Calyceraceae - F.H Hellwig
  • Campanulaceae T.GLammers
  • Carpodetaceae M.H.G Gustafsson
  • Compositae A. A Anderberg, B.G Baldwin, R.G Bayer, J Breitwieser, C Jeffrey, M.O.Dillon, P Eldenäs, V Funk, NGarcia-Jacas, D.J.NHind, P.O Karis, H.W Lack, G Nesom, B Nordenstam, Ch O berprieler, J.L Panero, C Puttock, H Robinson, T.F Stuessy, A Susanna, E Urtubey, R Vogt, J. Ward and L.E.Watson

Introduction with Key to Tribes C Jeffrey

  • Tribe Barnadesieae T.F Stuessy and E Urtubey
  • Tribe Mutisieae D.J.N Hind
  • Tribe Cardueae A Susanna and N Garcia-Jacas
  • Carduoid Genera of Uncertain Placement C Jeffrey
  • Tribe Gymnarrheneae C Jeffrey
  • Tribe Moquinieae H Robinson
  • Tribe Vernonieae H Robinson
  • Tribe Liabeae V.A .Funk, H.Robinson and M.O.Dillon
  • Tribe Cichorieae H.W Lack
  • Tribe Gundelieae C Jeffrey
  • Tribe Arctotideae P.O Karis
  • Tribe Corymbieae B Nordenstam
  • Tribe Senecioneae B Nordenstam
  • Tribe Calenduleae B Nordenstam
  • Tribe Gnaphalieae R.J Bayer, I Breitwieser, J. Ward and CPuttock
  • Tribe Astereae G Nesom and H Robinson
  • Tribe Anthemideae Ch Oberprieler, R Vogt and L.E.Watson
  • Tribe Inuleae A .A Anderberg and P Eldenäs

Key to the Tribes of the Heliantheae Alliance J .L Panero

  • Tribe Athroismeae J .L Panero
  • Tribe Helenieae J .L Panero
  • Tribe Coreopsideae J .L Panero
  • Tribe Neurolaeneae J .L Panero
  • Tribe Tageteae J .L Panero
  • Tribe Chaenactideae J .L Panero
  • Tribe Bahieae J .L Panero
  • Tribe Polymnieae J .L Panero
  • Tribe Heliantheae J .L Panero
  • Tribe Millerieae J .L Panero
  • Tribe Madieae B.G Baldwin and J .L Panero
  • Tribe Perityleae J .L Panero
  • Tribe Eupatorieae D.J.N Hind and H Robinson
  • Asteroid Genusof Uncertain Placement C Jeffrey

Selected Bibliography to Compositae

  • Goodeniaceae R.C Carolin
  • Menyanthaceae G Kadereit
  • Pentaphragmataceae T.G Lammers
  • Phellinaceae G Barriera, V Savolainen and R Spichiger
  • Rousseaceae J.A.Koontz, J.Lundberg and D.E Soltis
  • Stylidiaceae R.C Carolin

Index to Scientific Names
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