Sustainable Energy Technologies - Options and Prospects

Edited by Hanjalic, K.; Krol, R. van de; Lekic, A. 
Springer  2008  

Hardcover  336 pp  ISBN 9781402067235      £103.00
This book provides an up-to-date review of the status and prospects of different options in energy conversion and storage technologies, as seen by a panel of world leading experts. It offers a platform for readers engaged in planning and undertaking new energy solutions or retrofitting and redesigning the existing installations to confront and to compare the pros and cons of various novel technology options. Contributing articles cover new clean and zero-emission coal technologies, solar, wind, nuclear, fuel cells, hydrogen and hybrid technologies, accompanied by treatises on the challenge of increasing global energy needs and consumption, issues of sustainability, and on specific ideas for efficient production and use of energy based on modern rationing technologies.

The volume also offers views of feasibility of the implementation of advanced technologies especially in countries other than the few most developed industrial nations and highly populous countries, which all may have different priorities. Further, it brings together several regional surveys of needs, resources and priorities, as well as specific initiatives towards meeting future energy objectives, pursued in several countries in South-Eastern Europe.

The book targets engineers and planners in the energy sector, employees in energy utility companies, and various levels of governmental organizations and offices. It is also meant to serve as a graduate-level textbook to meet the growing demand for new courses in alternative, renewable and sustainable energy technologies at technical and general universities.

Written for graduate students, engineers active in the energy sector, employees in energy utility companies, various levels of governmental organizations.



Part I : New and Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies

  • Introduction, by K. Hanjalic;
  • World Thirst for Energy: How To Face the Challenge, by M. Combarnous, J.-F. Bonnet
  • Sustainability Concept For Energy, Water And Environmental Systems, by N. H. Afgan
  • Efficient Production and Use of Energy: Modern Energy Rationing Technologies in Russia, by S. V. Alekseenko
  • Perspectives of Wind Energy, by G. van Kuik, B. Ummels and R.Hendriks
  • Photovoltaic Cells for Sustainable Energy, by J. McEvoy and M. Grätzel
  • Photo-electrochemical production of hydrogen, by R. van de Krol and J.Schoonman
  • Distributed Energy Generation, Fuel Cell and its Hybrid Systems, by K. Suzuki€ , H. Yoshida, H. Iwai
  • Current International Initiative for Sustainable Nuclear Energy, by G. Cacuci
  • Safety in Nuclear Power: A Proposal, by M. Cumo
  • CO2 Emissions Mitigation from Power Generation Using Capture Technologies, by P. Mathieu
  • Clean and Efficient Coal Technology Integrated With CO2 Sequestration and Hydrogen Energy Systems, by K. Okazaki
  • Advanced Steam Generator Concepts for Oxy-Fuel Processes, by H. Spliethof

Part II : Initiatives in South-East Europe

  • CO2 Mitigation Options for Retrofitting Low-Quality Coal Fired Power Plants, by E. Kakaras, A. Doukelis, D. Giannakopoulos, A. Koumanakos
  • Renewable Energies in Slovenia: Facts and Plans, by U. Lavrencic Stangar and E. Kranjcevic
  • Energy Wood Chains in Bulgaria, by P. Stankov, D. Mladenov and K. Stanchev
  • Energy Efficiency in Serbia: Research and Development Activities, by S. N. Oka
  • Energy sector in Macedonia: Current Status and Plans, by B. Donevski
  • Energy Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Status and Plans, by A. Lekic


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