Mapping Sustainability - Knowledge e-Networking and the Value Chain

Edited by Choucri, N.; Mistree, D.; Haghseta, F.; Mezher, T.; Baker, W.R.; Ortiz, C.I. 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  484 pp  ISBN 9781402060700      £90.00
This timely work has as its focus three interdependent challenges related to managing transitions toward sustainable development.

These are: mapping sustainability for global knowledge e-networking, extending the value chain of knowledge and e-networking, and engaging in explorations of new methods and venues for further developing knowledge and e-networking.

While each of these challenges constitutes fundamentally different types of endeavors, they are highly interconnected.

Jointly, they contribute to our expansion of knowledge and its applications in support of transitions toward sustainable development.

The central theme of this book is how to transcend barriers that impede the use of knowledge and knowledge networking in transitions toward sustainability.

Exploring ways to do so, the authors examine the potential contributions of innovations in information technologies as well as computation and representation of attendant complexities.

Finally, this book lays out new methodologies that contribute to our understanding of yet unexplored sustainability issues.

Written for policy-makers and scholars (including students, professors, and researchers)


Preface Sustainability Challenges and New Imperatives.

Part I Global Knowledge e-Networking.

Part II Knowledge Value Chain for Sustainability

Part III New e-Strategies for Knowledge and Value.

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