Microarrays - Preparation, Microfluidics, Detection Methods, and Biological Applications

Edited by Dill, Kilian; Liu, Robin Hui; Grodzinsky, Piotr 
Springer  October 2007  

Hardcover  356 pp  ISBN 9780387727165      £90.00
The area of microarrays has evolved from genomics, and has been applied to proteomics and single cell studies as well. The applications of microarrays benefit diverse fields ranging from fundamental systems biology to practical diagnostic tests. This book provides a critical analysis of the applications of microarrays in several key areas of bioanalytical research including DNA studies, peptide arrays, protein arrays, combinatorial chemistry arrays, cell-based arrays, and glycoarrays. Further progress in microarrays is being spurred by the advances in micro- and nano-fabrication technologies, modern molecular biology, and data mining. This book is designed to be a useful source of fundamental and current information for microarray research practitioners and for those who are just entering this field.

Written for chemists and engineers in industry and academia, graduate students



Part I Overview and New Detection Method

  • The Current Status of DNA Microarrays - Leming Shi, Roger G Perkins, and Weida Tong
  • Electrochemical Detection on Microarrays - Kilian Dill and Andrey Ghindilis

Part II Fluidic Manipulation and Microarrays

  • Fully Integrated Microfl uidic Device for Direct Sample-to-Answer Genetic Analysis - Robin H Liu and Piotr Grodzinski
  • Integrated Microfl uidic Devices for Automated Microarray-Based Gene Expression and Genotyping Analysis - Robin H Liu, Mike Lodes, H Sho Fuji, David Danley, and Andrew McShea

Part III Statistical Data Evaluation on Microarrays

  • Intensity Concentration Relationships for Electrochemical Detection: Latin Square and Mixture Analysis - Mervyn Thomas

Part IV Applications

  • Genotyping Arrays - Michael J Lodes, Dominic Suciu, David Danley, and Andrew McShea
  • Peptide-Based Microarray - Resmi C Panicker, Hongyan Sun, Grace Y J Chen, and Shao Q Yao
  • Protein Microarrays for the Detection of Biothreats - Amy E Herr
  • Photo-Generation of Carbohydrate Microarrays - Gregory T Carroll, Denong Wang, Nicholas J Turro, and Jeffrey T Koberstein
  • Expression Profi ling Using Microfl uidic - Living Cell Arrays Kevin R King, Martin L Yarmush, and Arul Jayaraman
  • New Approaches to the Synthesis of Addressable - Microarray Molecular Libraries - Karl Maurer and Kevin D Moeller
  • eSensor€: A Microarray Technology Based on Electrochemical Detection of Nucleic Acids and Its Application to Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screening - Michael R Reed and William A Coty

Part V Future Improvements in Microarray Sensing

  • Use of Redox Enzymes for the Electrochemical Detection of Sequence-Specifi c DNA and Immunochemical Entities - Kilian Dill and Andrey Ghindilis
  • Biochip Platforms for Dna Diagnostics - Anil K Deisingh, Adilah Guiseppi-Wilson, and Anthony Guiseppi-Elie
  • MagArray Biochips for Protein and DNA Detection with Magnetic Nanotags: Design, Experiment, and Signal-to-Noise Ratio - Sebastian J Osterfeld and Shan X Wang
  • Bar Coding Platforms for Nucleic Acid and Protein Detection - Uwe R Müller Contents xi
  • Electrochemical Nanoparticle-Based Sensors - Joseph Wang


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