Imaging Cellular and Molecular Biological Functions

Edited by Shorte, Spencer L.; Frischknecht, Friedrich 
Springer  September 2007  

Hardcover  450 pp  ISBN 9783540713302      £144.00
This book provides a unique selection of essays by leading experts, aiming at scientist and student alike who are interested in all aspects of modern imaging, from its application and up-scaling to its development. Indeed the philosophy of this volume is to provide student, researcher, PI, professional or provost the means to enter this applications field with confidence, and to construct the means to answer their own specific questions.

Written for Institutes, libraries, scientists


Preface I Considerations for Routine Imaging

  • Entering the Portal: Understanding the Digital Image Recorded Through a Microscope - Kristin L. Hazelwood, Scott G. Olenych, John D. Griffi n, Judith A. Cathcart, and Michael W. Davidson
  • Quantitative Biological Image Analysis - Erik Meijering and Gert van Cappellen
  • The Open Microscopy Environment: A Collaborative Data Modeling and Software Development Project for Biological Image Informatics - Jason R. Swedlow
  • Design and Function of a Light-Microscopy Facility - Kurt I. Anderson, Jeremy Sanderson, and Jan Peychl

II Advanced Methods and Concepts

  • Quantitative Colocalisation Imaging: Concepts, Measurements, and Pitfalls - Martin Oheim and Dongdong Li
  • Quantitative FRET Microscopy of Live Cells Adam D. Hoppe
  • Fluorescence Photobleaching and Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy: Two Complementary Technologies To Study Molecular Dynamics in Living Cells - Malte Wachsmuth and Klaus Weisshart
  • Single Fluorescent Molecule Tracking in Live Cells - Ghislain G. Cabal, Jost Enninga, and Musa M. Mhlanga
  • From Live-Cell Microscopy to Molecular Mechanisms: Deciphering the Functions of Kinetochore Proteins - Khuloud Jaqaman, Jonas F. Dorn, and Gaudenz Danuser

III Cutting Edge Applications & Utilities

  • Towards Imaging the Dynamics of Protein Signalling - Lars Kaestner and Peter Lipp
  • New Technologies for Imaging and Analysis of Individual Microbial Cells - Byron F. Brehm-Stecher
  • Imaging Parasites in Vivo - Rogerio Amino, Blandine Franke-Fayard, Chris Janse, Andrew Waters, Robert Ménard, and Freddy Frischknecht
  • Computer-Assisted Systems for Dynamic 3D Reconstruction and Motion Analysis of Living Cells - David R. Soll, Edward Voss, Deborah Wessels, and Spencer Kuhl
  • High-Throughput/High-Content Automated Image Acquisition and Analysis - Gabriele Gradl, Chris Hinnah, Achim Kirsch, Jürgen Müller, Dana Nojima, and Julian Wölcke
  • Cognition Network Technology - A Novel Multimodal Image Analysis Technique for Automatic Identifi cation and Quantifi cation of Biological Image Contents - Maria Athelogou, Günter Schmidt, Arno Schäpe, Martin Baatz, and Gerd Binnig
  • High-Content Phenotypic Cell-Based Assays - Eugenio Fava, Eberhard Krausz, Rico Barsacchi, Ivan Baines, and Marino Zerial


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