PCR Primer Design

Edited by A Yuryev 
Humana Press  August 2007  

Hardcover  431 pp  ISBN 9781588297259      £83.00
In the past decade, molecular biology has been transformed from the art of cloning a single gene to a statistical science measuring and calculating properties of entire genomes. New high-throughput methods have been developed for genome sequencing and studying the cell at different systematic levels such as transcriptome, proteome, metabolome and other -omes. At the heart of most high-throughput methods is the technique of polymerase chain reaction (PCR). PCR Primer Design focuses on primer design, which is critical to both the efficiency and the accuracy of the PCR. With intricate descriptions of basic approaches as well as specialized methods, this volume is an exceptional reference for all those involved in studying the genome.

In PCR Primer Design, authors describe basic approaches for PCR primer design in addition to specialized methods. These state-of-the-art methods can be used for both genome-scale experiments and for small-scale individual PCR amplifications. This volume will be useful for organizations performing whole genome studies, companies designing instruments that utilize PCR, and individual scientists geneticists, molecular biologists, molecular geneticists, and more who routinely use PCR in their research.

Written for geneticists, molecular biologists, and molecular geneticists


Part I. Basic Principles and software for PCR primer design

  • Physical Principles and Visual-OMP Software for Optimal PCR Design
  • Oligo 7 Primer Analysis Software
  • Selection for 3' end triplets for polymerase chain reaction primers
  • The reference point method in primer design
  • PCR primer design using statistical modeling
  • Developing a Statistical Model for Primer Design

Part II. Genome scale PCR primer design

  • GST-PRIME: An Algorithm for Genome-Wide Primer Design
  • Genome-Scale Probe and Primer Design with PRIMEGENS Repeat masking for PCR primer design
  • SNPbox: web-based high-throughput primer design with an eye for repetitive sequences.
  • Fast masking of repeated primer binding sites in eukaryotic genomes Multiplex PCR primer design
  • Degenerate Primer Design: Theoretical Analysis and the HYDEN program
  • An Iterative Method for Selecting Degenerate Multiplex PCR Primers
  • Primer-design for multiplexed genotyping
  • MultiPLX: automatic grouping and evaluation of PCR primers
  • MultiPrimer: A system for Microarray PCR Primer Design Allele-specific PCR
  • Modified oligonucleotides as tools for allele-specific amplification
  • AlleleID: A Pathogen Detection and Identification System Long PCR primer design
  • GenoFrag, a software package for the design of primers dedicated to whole genome scanning by LR-PCR. DNA methylation mapping
  • Designing PCR primer for DNA methylation mapping
  • BiSearch: ePCR tool for native or bisulfite treated genomic template.
  • Graphical design of primers with PerlPrimer
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