Cell Division Control in Plants

Edited by Verma, Desh Pal S.; Hong, Zonglie 
Springer  2008  

Hardcover  417 pp  ISBN 9783540734864      £157.00
The molecular mechanisms controlling cell cycle progression are highly conserved in eukaryotes. In addition to the basic protein machinery involved in cell cycle regulation, higher plants have also evolved unique molecular mechanisms that allow integration of environmental, physiological, and developmental signals into networks to control proper cell division and expansion. Rapid and exciting research progress in these fields has been achieved from experimental observations on plants over the past decade. The scope of this volume is focused on the molecular basis of all aspects of cell division and cytokinesis in plants. It is an essential reference book for instructors and scientists working in the areas of molecular, cell, and developmental biology of plants.

The editors of this book are veterans in the field of plant molecular biology and highly respected worldwide.

Written for libraries, institutes, scientists


Part A Commitment for Cell Division and Cell Cycle Control.

  • Circadian Regulation of Cell Division.
  • Transcriptional Control of the Plant Cell Cycle.
  • Division Plane Orientation in Plant Cells.
  • G1/S Transition and the Rb-E2F Pathway
  • The Endoreduplication Cell Cycle: Regulation and Function

Part B Dynamics of Chromosomes, Cytoskeletons and Organelles During Cell Division.

  • Chromosome Dynamics in Meiosis.
  • Cytoskeletal and Vacuolar Dynamics During Plant Cell Division: Approaches Using Structure-Visualized Cells
  • Mitotic Spindle Assembly and Function
  • Cytoskeletal Motor Proteins in Plant Cell Division
  • Organelle Dynamics During Cell Division
  • Open Mitosis: Nuclear Envelope Dynamics.

Part C Cell Plate Formation and Cytokinesis

  • Map Kinase Signaling During M Phase Progression
  • Plant Cytokinesis
  • Insights Gained from Electron Tomography Studies
  • Vesicle Traffic at Cytokinesis
  • Molecular Analysis of the Cell Plate Forming Machinery

Part D Cell Division and Differentiation.

  • Asymmetric Cell Divisions: Zygotes of Fucoid Algae as a Model System
  • Stomatal Patterning and Guard Cell differentiation
  • Genetic Control of Anther Cell Division and Differentiation
  • Coordination of Cell Division and Differentiation
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