Agricultural Biotechnology in China - Origins and Prospects

Karplus, Valerie J., Deng, Xing Wang 
Springer  2008  

Hardcover  166 pp  ISBN 9780387711386      £72.00
Over the last thirty years, China has developed one of the world's largest public research programs in agricultural biotechnology. Building on a long tradition of agricultural advances, Chinese scientists have applied biotechnology techniques to develop hundreds of novel crop varieties suited to local farming conditions and challenges.

This book is a comprehensive examination of how the origins of biotechnology research agendas, along with the effectiveness of the seed delivery system and biosafety oversight, help to explain current patterns of crop development and adoption in China. Based on firsthand insights from China's laboratories and farms it explores the implications of China's investment for the nation's rural development, environmental footprint, as well as its global scientific and economic competitiveness.

Written for plant scientists focusing on Biotech, Agricultural Science, technology policy analysts, scholars of Plant Biotechnology, Agricultural Development and Technological Innovation, agricultural economists, and the university-educated interested public



  • From Seeds to EmpiresChina's Long Agricultural History.
  • Modern Science on the Farm The Green Revolution.
  • Transformation in China's Agriculture in the Twentieth Century
  • Agricultural Biotechnology: New Tools for Ancient Practices.
  • Agricultural Biotechnology Takes Root in China.
  • From Lab to Field.- China's First Transgenic Crops
  • Biosafety and China's Regulatory Policy.
  • Looking to the Future: Trends in Plant Sciences and Agricultural Biotechnology Research.
  • Conclusion.
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