The Kyoto Protocol - International Climate Policy for the 21st Century

S Oberthür and H E Ott 
Springer Verlag  1999  

Hardcover  359 pages  ISBN 9783540664703      £108.00
This is part of the series of publications covering International and European Environmental Policy. It covers the Kyoto Protocol, adoption of which in December 1997 was a major achievement in the endeavour to tackle the problem of global climate change at the start of the 21st century. After many years of involvement in the negotiation process, the book's two internationally recognised authors now offer the international community a first hand and inside perspective of the debate on the Kyoto Protocol. The book provides a comprehensive and scholarly analysis of the history and content of the Protocol itself as well as of the economic, political and legal implications of its implementation. It also presents a perspective for the further development of the climate regime. These important features make this book an indispensable working tool for policy makers, negotiators, academics and all those actively involved and interested in climate change issues in both the developed and developing world. The contents are presented in three sections, followed by a bibliography, as follows:

Building Blocks and Negotiating History: The Science of Climate Change - Key Players and Interests.- The Framework Convention on Climate Change: The Legal Basis of International Action.- The Berlin Mandate and the AGBM Process.- Outside the Climate Arena: Multilateral and Bilateral Diplomacy.- Changing the Balance: Governmental and Non-Governmental Developments.- Kyoto: the Endgame.

The Provisions of the Kyoto Protocol: Overview - Preamble and Definitions (Article 1).- Policies and Measures (Article 2).- Emission Limitation and Reduction Commitments (Article 3).- Joint Fulfilment of Commitments (Article 4).- Joint Implementation (Article 6).- The Clean Development Mechanism (Article 12).- Emissions Trading (Article 17).- Implementation Review and Compliance (Articles 5, 7, 8, 16, 18, 19).- Developing Country Participation (Articles 10, 11).- Institutions (Articles 13, 14, 15).- Review, Development and Amendment of the Kyoto Protocol (Articles 3.9, 9, 20, 21).- Final Provisions of the Kyoto Protocol (Articles 22-28).

Conclusions and Outlook: Lessons from the Kyoto Process - Evaluation of the Kyoto Protocol - Synergies and Conflicts with Other International Institutions.- The Landscape of International Climate Politics at the Turn of the Century.- A View from the Anthill: Towards a Leadership Initiative on Climate Change.- Appendix: Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


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