The Evolution of Biotechnology - From Natufians to Nanotechnology

M Newell-McGloughlin and E Re 
Springer  2007  

Hardcover  262 pp  ISBN 9781402051487      £105.00
The book traces the evolution of biotechnology in the broadest sense from prehistoric organismal manipulation by our first settled ancestors through to speculation about future directions for the technology as it increasingly intersects with other high technologies such as IT and Nanotech. The trajectory is demonstrated by various events throughout history that have intersected or built on one another to lead to the forward progression of a technology. Obviously, with such a broad canvas much selectivity is involved in the choices made to advance the narrative and, while the subjects chosen are not capricious, they are influenced by the author's perspective. In addition we have made some attempt, where validated resources exist, to present our perspective on how individual personalities and their particular contextual experience influenced the direction in which they carried the science or the science carried them.

Written for teachers, instructors, students, historians, scientists from other disciplines



I. Pre History. 1. Early History: Cultivation and Civilization.

II. Early Technology. 2. Early Technology: Evolution of the Tools.

III. Early History of Biotechnology. 3. The Dawning of the Age of Biotechnology 1970-1990. 4. The Flowering of the Age of Biotechnology 1990-2000. 5. To Infinity and Beyond 2000-8.

Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Biotechnology.
Chronology of Biotechnology.

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