Recombinant Proteins From Plants - Methods and Protocols

Edited by Loïc Faye and Véronique Gomord 
Humana Press  January 2009  

Hardcover  358 pp  ISBN 9781588299789      £68.00
The past decade has seen the emergence of plants as a viable alternative to the current production systems for therapeutic proteins. In Recombinant Proteins from Plants, expert researchers explore plants and their potential for the production of increasingly safe, high quality and biologically active complex recombinant pharmaceutical proteins. Chapters present several production platforms, focusing on the largest and most important group of biotechnological products in clinical trials: antibodies and their derived fragments with acknowledged potential for immunotherapy in humans. Due to the shortage of step by step protocols that can be used easily by beginners, this volume aims to fill the void with several chapters of detailed instructions for using the main plant expression systems.

Produced in the highly successful Methods in Molecular BiologyTM series format, each chapter contains a brief introduction, step-by-step methods, a list of necessary materials, and a Notes section which shares tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.

Comprehensive and cutting-edge, Recombinant Proteins from Plants serves as an ideal guide for those new and seasoned plant scientists, pharmaceutical scientists, and molecular and cellular biologists interested in molecular pharming.

Written for plant scientists, pharmaceutical scientists, molecular and cellular biologists.


  • From Neanderthal to Nanobiotech: from plant potions to pharming with plant factories, Christophe Sourrouille, Brian Marshall, David Liénard and Loïc Faye
  • Cowpea Mosaic Virus-based systems for the expression of antigens and antibodies in plants, Frank Sainsbury, Li Liu and George P. Lomonossoff
  • Transient expression of antibodies in plants using syringe agroinfiltration, Marc-André D€Aoust, Pierre-Olivier Lavoie, Julie Belles-Isles, Nicole Bechtold, Michèle Martel and Louis-P. Vézina
  • Rapid system for evaluating bioproduction capacity of complex pharmaceutical proteins in plants, Giuliana Medrano, Michael J. Reidy, Jianyun Liu, Jorge Ayala, Maureen C. Dolan and Carole L. Cramer
  • Production and localization of recombinant pharmaceuticals in transgenic seeds, Thomas Rademacher, Elsa Arcalis and Eva Stoger
  • Production of antibody fragments in Arabidopsis seeds, Bart Van Droogenbroeck, Kirsten De Wilde and Ann Depicker
  • Production of plantibodies in Nicotiana plants, Marta Ayala, Jorge Gavilondo, Meilyn Rodríguez, Alejandro Fuentes, Gil Enríquez, Lincidio Pérez, José Cremata, and Merardo Pujol.
  • Physcomitrella patens: a non-vascular plant for recombinant protein production, David Lienard and Fabien Nogue
  • Production of recombinant proteins in suspension-cultured plant cells, Carole Plasson, Rémy Michel, David Lienard, Claude Saint-Jore-Dupas, Christophe Sourrouille, Ghislaine Grenier de March and Véronique Gomord
  • Chloroplast-derived vaccine antigens and biopharmaceuticals: Protocols for expression, purification or oral delivery and functional evaluation, N. Dolendro Singh, Yi Ding and Henry Daniell
  • Protein body induction: a new tool to produce and recover recombinant proteins in plants, Margarita Torrent, Imma Llop and M.Dolors Ludevid
  • A case study for plant-made pharmaceuticals comparing different plant expression and production systems, Guy Vancanneyt, Manuel Dubald, Werner Schröder, Jörg Peters and Johan Botterman
  • Glycosylation of antibody therapeutics: optimisation for purpose, Roy Jefferis
  • N-Glycosylation of Plant Recombinant Pharmaceuticals, Muriel Bardor, Gleysin Cabrera, Johannes Stadlmann, Patrice Lerouge, José A. Cremata, Véronique Gomord and Anne-Catherine Fitchette
  • Companion protease inhibitors to protect recombinant proteins in transgenic plant extracts, Meriem Benchabane, Daniel Rivard, Cécile Girard, and Dominique Michaud
  • Strategies for improving vaccine antigens expression in transgenic plants. Fusion to carrier sequences, Jose M. Escribano and Daniel M. Perez-Filgueira
  • Immunomodulation of plant function by in vitro selected single-chain Fv intrabodies, Manfred Gahrtz and Udo Conrad
  • On-chip detection of low-molecular-weight recombinant proteins in plant crude extracts by SELDI-TOF MS, Amine M. Badri, Karine Coenen, Louis-Philippe Vaillancourt, Charles Goulet, and Dominique Michaud
  • Assessing the Risk of Undesirable Immunogenicity/Allergenicity of Plant-Derived Therapeutic Proteins, Paul D. Chamberlain
  • Biosafety, Risk Assessment and Regulation of Plant-made Pharmaceuticals, Penelope A.C.Sparrow and Richard M.Twyman
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